Name that Ware June 2014

The Ware for June 2014 is shown below.

This is a reader-submitted ware, but the submitter requested to remain anonymous. Thanks, though, you know who you are!

13 Responses to “Name that Ware June 2014”

  1. silviu says:

    A FPGA and a bunch of rs232 interfaces. Could this be a part of a dial in server?

    • Joe says:

      Funny, you should have seen some of the stuff they used to monitor an entire waste water treatment plant I worked at once. TONS of serial and parallel and analog I/O ports. They must have used a warehouse full of DSPs that century.

  2. Scott Roberts says:

    Not a dial in server – but a terminal server with a eurocard interface….

  3. SyreKron says:

    Looks like an octal RS232 card with a VME bus.

  4. Jacob Creedon says:

    8 RS232 transmitters/receivers on a card. Judging by the picture there are identical cards to the right and the left of it. Looking at the top that is probably an 8×1 RJ45 cage. The DIN 41612 connector is kind of a red herring, while both VMEbus and Eurocard use them, I have never seen them in a triple wide configuration (you can find VMEbus cards in double wide), so they are probably using the connector because it is convenient, not to adhere to some standard. So we are looking for a 24 port RS232 console server.

    If you had my specific guess it is a PERLE 24 Port CS9024 CS9000 Console Server as that is the closest one I can find to the 2004 Mfg. date on the card that has 3 8×1 ports.

    • Jacob Creedon says:

      As an interesting side note. Several of Perle’s marketing materials advertise 15 kV ESD protection, in a way that is almost verbatim to the HIN241E datasheet.

  5. John Miles says:

    Might be one of the boards from the HPSDR project, but I don’t think they’ve been having them assembled in Malaysia. That says “Agilent” to me.

  6. Stuart says:

    I think I can read Lantronix if I squint hard enough.

    I’m going to say it’s one of the boards out of a secure console server – maybe an SCS1600 or SCS3200?

    • Jacob Creedon says:

      I think an SCS4805 is closer, if you look at the top left edge of the image you can see there is another board to the left. All you can see is a little bit of silk screen and a pad, but it matches what you see on the board along the right edge, and the board to the left looks to be identical too. Taking a second look at the cage it could very well be 8×2 RJ45s. SO with three of them in a row, the that would be the SCS4805.

  7. Erik says:

    Could it be a hekimian (Spirent) BRTU?

  8. Erik says:

    Hm… actually a B&B/Quatech ESE-100D or Comtrol DeviceMaster?

  9. Andy says:

    I think Stuart and Jacob are on the right track, but I am going to guess either a Lantronics LRS16F or ETS16PS, as I am betting there are no RJ45s on the left board.

  10. adh says:

    It’s linecard for Lantronix console servers. SLC00812 contains one card exactly like this, but with only single row 8xRJ45 connector and unpopullated footprints for additional RS232 transceivers on the bottom side. SLS8 main board has three DIN connectors, so I assume different models with 8 – 48 ports differ only in these line cards.

    So: “LANTRONIX SLC RS232 I/O ASSY” (mine says Rev. A01 instead of B01 :))