Name that Ware, March 2010

The Ware for March 2010 is shown below. Click on the photos for a much larger version.

Thanks to Google, this ware may be fairly trivial to guess, but in a feeble attempt at heightening the challenge a tad, I cropped the main connector bank on the PCB, blurred out the CPU’s part number (just a little), and will give bonus points for naming the exact model number of the Ware.

…is that epoxy I see around an IC? I wonder why that is there. ;-)

33 Responses to “Name that Ware, March 2010”

  1. tinkthank says:

    Roku HD-XR

    Should have cropped the bottom side of the PCB as well.

  2. william dutton says:

    its a digital set top box.

    cpu, Philips Semiconducto-PNX8935E/M101S1R3
    model, ML1-H94V-0

  3. Tom says:

    Its an HD-Set-Top Box With Build-in Wireless. The Blue Board hast two Antenna Connectors, Probalby MiMo : So WIFI 802.11n. The IR-receiver on the front is verry helpfull to find out ce category of product. It hast 2 521Mb DDR-SRAM Chips on the botom and 512Mb NAND Flash on top.
    Proco is Nexperia multi-format (H264/VC-1/MPEG-2) HD source decoder PNX8935
    Connectivity: Ethernet, USB2.0, SATA, HDMI
    That LFE9310 Is an optocoupler of some sorts. Really hard to find out
    The Epoxy’d Chip is also from NXP, something marked 10AX but the it is unreadable even when postprocessing the image. Maybe its 1DAxxxx wich would lead to a Digital to Analoge
    I Wonder what the Button on the bottom of the board does.

  4. Joopie says:

    Netflix Movieplayer AKA the Roku Movieplayer

    • Joopie says:

      The Roku HD XR as it has a 802.11n WIFI board.

      • Joopie says:

        The epoxy is most likely on the HDMI chip of NXP preventing you to probe the digital video signals. My best guess this is another ill-conceived requirement/demand by the studios. No serious hacker will be stopped by a little bit of epoxy. The honest user on the other hand will think twice before hacking their hardware. Ergo the epoxy protection scheme is a winner ;)

  5. Kevin says:

    “The TDAXXXXXX includes a HDCP 1.2 compliant cipher block. The HDCP key are stored internally in a non-volatile OTP memory for maximum security”

    bunnie-bait perhaps?

  6. Erant says:

    HDMI makes sense, as I can see exactly the four required differential pairs coming out of that chip.

    The 14 pin connector on the left side looks interesting. Judging from the resistors next to it, that could very well be a standard ARM 14 pin JTAG connector.

  7. Kisuke says:

    ddi people forget about you’re supposed to post an MD5 hash of your answer? not the answer.

  8. thegreenpig says:

    yes, definetly a roku box:)
    here an link to an old roku board:

    the design is nearly simlar.

  9. Matt Burkhard says:

    Roku N1101

    • Matt Burkhard says:

      OK, let me change that vote, I want to say it’s a Roku N1100 since it has the single band 2.4GHz antennas and not the wider dual band ones…

      • pete says:

        The board work for the antenna + RF scheme look like 802.11n-g (2.4 + 5 GHz) just a guess. pete

  10. pete says:


    Could be early bluetooth with a phasing length in one of the antennas. I would like to have a look at the back of the blue board.
    Where is Tom Lee??


    • tinkthank says:

      I found and proceeded to “borrow” a Roku HD off a coworker’s desk. I took pictures of the top and bottom sides of the wireless board. Pictures posted here:

      Note that these are from a Roku HD and not the HD XR featured in the blog post, but the wireless boards appear to be the same.

      PS: Turns out there’s a trick to opening up a Roku. You’ll need a small diameter hex wrench or similar device poked through the perforated lid to release the four side catches. You have to force the front three catches as there isn’t access to them.

  11. tinkthank says:

    I stole a Roku HD off a coworker’s desk and popped the lid. I took a picture of the top and bottom sides of the board. Pics are here:

    Note my pictures are from a Roku HD and not the HD-XR pictured in the contest, but the wireless board appears to be the same.

    PS: Turns out there is a trick to opening the unit. You’ll need a small diameter hex wrench or similar device to release the side catches through the perforated plastic lid.

    • Matt Burkhard says:

      So it is a N1100 then since the N1101 (Roku HD-XR) has the mixed band radio…
      Note: the HD-XR (N1101) is a HD (N1100) with a mixed band radio and a “not supported at this time” USB port.

  12. tinkthank says:

    The unit pictured in the blog has pads for a USB board which the HD unit does not have. It’s not stuffed on the board in the photo,but I would think the presence of said connector would make it an HD XR. Do later production HDs use the same main PCB as the HD-XR with the USB unstuffed?

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  14. fake says:

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