Name that Ware May 2010

The Ware for May 2010 is shown below. Click on the image for a much larger version.

I love any ware that includes big, fat, copper bus bars.

It was tough picking an angle for this Ware that didn’t make it too easy to guess the exact model and make. Hopefully this is not too obtuse; if it is, I’ll post another angle that will give more context and make it easier to guess!

[edit: well, that was quick. Below is the context image I was holding in reserve. It’s a nice look at some of the other circuit techniques NAD employs, such as the ferrite bead on the base lead of the output stage transistors, and of course, more big sexy copper bus bars]

14 Responses to “Name that Ware May 2010”

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  2. Jesse says:

    I’m going to have to pass on make/model, etc, but to my noobish eye, it looks like an AV receiver/amp combo. There seems to be a large quantity of RCA connectors, and those grey cables remind me of those silly CD-audio cables for computer CD drives. That large heatsink (on the far right) looks a little small for an amplifier so powerful it needs copper that fat though.

    The board looks a little bare though for an amp and receiver, so I’m revising my guess to a high-powered audio amplifier, with what appears to be a bit of switching functionality as well.

    No, wait! I know! There’s a chance it could be an audio mixer too!

    Hey, I did say I was a noob.

  3. Joe Bleau says:

    Definitely looks like an audio amp output section–the air coil inductors, speaker muting relay, and (apparently) single-sided board (see the jumpers?) are a dead giveaway. The long row of red (input?) jacks is a bit confusing…almost looks to be too many inputs for an A/V receiver. Maybe low-end pro-audio, like a powered mixer, or PA system? But in that case I’d expect to see balanced XLR inputs, too.

    I agree that there doesn’t seem to be enough filter capacitance to support an output stage that would require bus bars for the outputs. Maybe there’s more out of frame, near the transformer and rectifiers? (Or maybe it has a SMPS.)

  4. Michael L. says:

    I’ll go out on a limb here, and say it’s a NAD C352 stereo amplifier.

    I’ve got a NAD C370 myself, and I recognize several of the components, as well as the overall internal design is similar. (Bus bars for output, relays for input switching, the soft clipping vertical PCBs and the gray twisted (?) interconnect cables.)

    NAD is known for their single sided blue PCBs, aswell. That’s what made me shout “NAD!” when I saw the picture. :)

    This website has pictures of another C352s internals:

    (The single large heatsink, as well as the height of the box, and the single row of output terminals made me conclude that it was a C352.)

    Kinda related:
    I just did some troubleshooting on an old-ish NAD 310 amplifier. One of the filter caps had gone bad (it read 30nF, when it should be 4700µF…), yet the amp still played along, albeit with some minor distortion to the signal, and with a lower “clip threshold”.

    Those things are built like tanks. :)

    -Best regards,
    Michael Leitet.

  5. Michael L. says:

    Correction: Those two cards sicking up from the motherboard in the background are actually the preamp boards, not the soft slipping protection circuits.

    -Best regards,
    Michael Leitet.

  6. thegreenpig says:

    Nice audio amp:)

    -> My guess NAD C 352

  7. Matt says:

    Nice one Michael L.!

    Way to go “thegreenpig” great guess after Michael L. provided photos of the NAD C 352 and you regurgitate it an hour later. People never cease to amaze me.

    • Michael L. says:

      Thanks! :)

      Well, my comment got “marked for moderation” (prolly because of the link in it), and it didn’t show up before after he’d posted his comment.

      So he’s got a good reason for his comment: He simply couldn’t see mine.

      -Best regards,
      Michael Leitet.

  8. pj says:

    I declare Michael L. the winner of this month’s ntw.

    There’s nothing left to guess after this:

    Bunnie, I guess you will have to post a ntw May 2010 part Deux…

  9. thegreenpig says:

    Congratulation to Micheal,

    yes, at least i coudn’t see his post due to “marked for moderation”. Anyway i respect that, here is my source:

  10. Benjamin says:

    We might add that bunnie provided us with some revealing statements about his ownership of a NAD amplifier (apparently not the same model) a few weeks ago:
    Home is where the stereo is, so I also have an NAD 325BEE amp connected to two Paradigm Atom speakers.

  11. Wusthof says:

    Hello just thought i would let you know one thing.. It is 2 times today i’ve landed on your blog within the last 3 weeks searching for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

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