chumby One Spare Parts at Sparkfun

For those of you who have a need for spare chumby One parts — maybe you broke something while hacking, or you have a homebrew project you want to do, but don’t want to buy a whole new unit just to tear it apart — Sparkfun is now carrying a line of refurbished chumby One spare parts!

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  1. Torenc says:

    What about those of us that could really use some parts for our original leather chumby? The One doesn’t happen to use the same screen does it?

    • bunnie says:

      Depends on which revision of the original leather device that you have — if the hardware rev is 3.8, it’s the same screen. Most of the ones out there should be version 3.8…

      • Torenc says:

        Thanks for the info! Is there a way to determine my hw rev? Is it silkscreened onto the board or anything?

        • bunnie says:

          It will show up in the info screen, accessed by going to the control panel, touching “settings”, and then “chumby info”. The HW version number will be on the second line of text.

  2. Torenc says:

    Thanks for coming back to answer my questions!

    Is there any other way to get the version? I have a shattered LCD (grrr cats breakin my stuff) so I can’t look in the chumby info screen.

    • bunnie says:

      oh god, the irony…to replace the screen, you need to use the screen. :P

      Umm…a “sort of good” rule of thumb for telling the version is to look at the affordance on the top-right hand side of the chumby. If it’s metal, then it’s a 3.7 or 3.8. If it’s plastic, then it’s definitely a 3.8. Aside from that, the other thing I’d suggest is to ssh into it, or since you’ll be replacing the screen anyways, you can open it up and just look at the PCB version string, or look at the LCD connector. If it has 60 pins then it’s a 3.8 and compatible with the one on Sparkfun. Careful when you open it up, because 3.8 units have an antenna cable that you can damage if you yank the cable too hard as you pull out the display (but fortunately it’s a standard U.FL connector so there’s a lot of off the shelf antennas you can use to replace it).

  3. spare parts says:

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  4. Odo007 says:

    SparkFun does not have the refurbished Chumby Motherboards. They were a bargain for $32, I wanted to pick up one just to play around and see if I can revive the Chumby within. (Despite the fact that SparkFun says it’s not possible I wanted to ask them, why is the refurbished Chumby board not complete)

    Do you think it is possible to use this refurbished board to build a Chumby?

    I will have to wait until they become available…