Winner of Name that Ware June 2006!

Wow, a lot of people had very good answers for this one. It was hard to choose one, but I’d have to say Mark wins the prize this time. He managed to guess the manufacture and the model, which is the RMX 1450. Congratulations, and great work! Contact me to collect your prize. This is the amplifier that I use to drive my Bose 802’s, part of my DJ rig, which I haven’t had a lot of time to play with lately, unfortunately.
Short on time just now for writing a post, but basically, the reason why I had my amplifier open was to replace the cooling fan for the big heat sink bank. Since it’s an audio amp, it’s no good to have a noisy dust-laden fan blowing through it, so I replaced it with a nice new hydrowave bearing fan from Panasonic.

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