Winner of Name that Ware August 2006!

So, this ends the lightning round for Name that Ware August 2006! I feel compelled to select two winners: the best answer pre-chumby public disclosure, and the first answer post-chumby disclosure. So, the winners are Ian for his thoughtful post on August 26th, and Dan Lane for his quick post on August 27th (how did you find out about this so quickly??). Contact me to collect your prize!

So, indeed, this is a chumby core board! I was embargoed from posting about chumby until our product introduction at FOO camp 2006, although I was allowed a slight (just one day) lead on releasing board photos with identifying text redacted.

It was most interesting to read people’s thoughts about the chumby device, especially since the early posters did not have the benefit of the chumby PR materials to crib off of.

I’ll go over the details of the chumby hardware in my next couple of posts–I think I’ll split them up to make them more readable and topical.

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