It’s pretty rare that I will plug a particular part, but this is also a pretty exceptional part.

I recently came across an Analog Devices part, the ADXL330. I think this part is going to change the world. It is a 3-axis accelerometer in a 16-pin leadless flat chip scale package, and it is darn simple to use: it basically translates acceleration into a proportional voltage. The best part about it is it’s darn cheap too, at $5.45/1ku budgetary pricing. Almost anything can have a 3-axis accelerometer in it now, at that price.

It also has pretty good performance for a MEMs based accelerometer–you wouldn’t use it to guide missiles–but it’s definitely good enough to enable any number of interesting and innovative applications. I love the part so much I’m designing it into the next generation chumby. The user interface implications for a 3-axis accelerometer are really astounding.

4 Responses to “ADXL330”

  1. Hugo says:

    Hmmm, yes, it’s a pretty cool part, but there is also the LIS3LV02DQ (which has built in I2C/SPI ADCs) and the MMA7260Q. I don’t have budgetary prices handy but I’m guessing that they are at most about $1 more, if not cheaper.

  2. warp3r says:

    mmm… indeed, it’s the accelerometers used by the wiimote, the new controller from nintendo O.o

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