Winner, Name That Ware June 2010

Thanks to everyone who played last month’s Name That Ware! I was astonished at the number of people who made a huge effort to count all the vias.

Before I announce the winners, I’ll reveal the design stats on the number of vias on the PCB:

144 9-mil vias
1062 10-mil vias
13 13-mil vias
15 162-mil vias [edit: spoonerism! — I meant 162 15-mil vias; the sum with 162 vias yields 1381 (the correct answer), instead of 1234]

For a grand total of 1381 vias. This would make Alex G the winner at 1379 vias. Congrats, email me to claim your prize!

3 Responses to “Winner, Name That Ware June 2010”

  1. marcan says:

    Drat, I didn’t count the 162-millers. Otherwise I would’ve said 1364+15=1379 :(

  2. marcan says:

    Wait, 162-mil? That’s way too large, larger than the corner mount holes. Is that a typo?

  3. bunnie says:

    Sorry, I meant 162 15-mil vias. The total sum is actually correct (1381); if you added up the numbers as I originally put them down it would sum to 1234. The sum is actually computed by my design tool, I made a mistake in copying over the columns that are output in the PCB design report. Sorry about that! Fortunately, it doesn’t change the winning total…