Name that Ware October 2010

By popular demand, the Ware for October 2010 is shown below:

You may already be familiar with the image. This was the circuit board attached to the bottom of a toner cartridge found in a “suspicious package” on a UPS plane earlier today. I’ve had several people write-in to request that I make this device the ware for the month to see what opinions readers have on the identity of the circuit board. The ten-second look at the board places it pretty solidly as a cell phone motherboard; there is a vibrator motor at the top left, customary RF lids to cover the radios, and a size and connector layout consistent with a low-end feature phone.

I’m guessing some reader can probably ID this down to the make and model from this picture alone…

14 Responses to “Name that Ware October 2010”

  1. bunnie says:

    I’m not allowed to play the game since I’m the moderator, but I thought I’d at least seed some food for thought. This link is an image of a Nokia 6233 mainboard. It’s not a 100% match but you can definitely see similarities.

    Have fun!

  2. Fiach Antaw says:

    I’d say it’s a Nokia 6120 classic, going by how similar it looks to the internal photos published by the FCC (FCC ID LJPRM-243):

  3. investigador_64 says:

    N73 motherboard

  4. WestfW says:

    >> “There are some very curious features…”

    Of course, we have no way of knowing how much has been “removed” from the device prior to the actual photograph being taken… If I were disabling a suspicious device, I’d sure be likely to remove the battery rather early in the game…

    • Gip says:

      Well, if I was the maker of a suspicious device, I would place a hidden backup battery that will blow up the device as soon as the main battery is removed…

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  6. sometimes I think my spouse loves their vibrator more than me… :( curse their invention! rofl

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