Guts of my T60p

When I called in warranty service on my laptop to fix a problem with the LCD (can’t beat getting a new display for “free”), I thought it was a great opportunity to take some photos of the insides of the laptop as the tech did his thing. This black slab of hot silicon is a nice piece of work, so I thought it’d be neat to share the photos. Look at the heatsinks in this thing! No wonder it stays cool on my lap, unlike my old Dell which would get painfully hot. It’s also bristling with antennae…2 WiFi antennae, 2 cellular antennae, and one bluetooth module with integrated antenna in the display half of the laptop.

10 Responses to “Guts of my T60p”

  1. pablot says:

    Here is the guts of my T42:

    Yours looks a bit more modern =)


  2. JR says:

    What are you running in it, nowadays ?
    Do you play games ?

  3. bunnie says:

    I use my T60p for everything just about these days…from designing Chumbys to playing World of Warcraft, to writing this post to video Skyping with friends and family. The dual-core plus symmetric multi-monitor when plugged into the docking station makes this as powerful as any desktop I’ve used before…

  4. amjad says:

    I still use my IBM T40p. Most reliable piece of electroncs I have had after a USB flash disk. Quality in design and build, unlike most laptops beit a few quid cheaper than IBM.

  5. Daniel says:

    Anatel? Are you in Brazil?!?

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  7. Krissa says:

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