EDC 2007

I just went to the Electric Daisy Carnival 2007 with caustik, dj warpt, and fry (flickr is starting to register some interesting photos from the event). I’m glad I made the time to go despite my overloaded schedule–it was simply fantastic. The venue (the LA olympic stadium) was breath-taking; it was quite a sight to walk over the threshold of the steps and gaze onto an olympic field swarming with ravers, swinging their lights around like clusters of frenetic technicolor fireflies. The stages were amazing, the soundsystems top-notch, and most importantly, the DJ lineup was fantastic…my favorite set was John “007” Fleming’s Psy-trance segue into Infected Mushroom’s set. The weather was also perfect for an outdoor event, a cool night with a full moon overhead, and it was also great people-watching too.

Dancing with a throng of thousands of people in front of 120,000 watts of speakers makes you feel a true visceral connection with the technology behind it. I marvel at and appreciate the technology behind the whole thing–from the four-quadrant laser servo system in the CD head to the crystalline perfection of the fractionally distillated and Czochralski-pulled silicon to the elegance of the noise shaping filters in the sigma delta DACs to the poles and zeros dancing across each other as the DJ swivels the knobs on the mixer to the quantum subtlety of bandgap tuning III-V materials to emit those seductively saturated hues to the cleverness of the ballasting on the bank of beefy transistors driving the speakers, preventing any device from pulling ahead of the heard and melting down thus disrupting the euphoric dance music experience…all of this coming together as the final calculus of technology and the teeming swarm of synchronized humanity before it.

Makes you proud to be an electrical engineer.

4 Responses to “EDC 2007”

  1. Prozacgod says:

    Someone needs to tell you two things. One, stop sniffing solder fumes. Two that was the most elegant description of a rave/concert/party I’ve ever heard. It was gorgeous, I don’t understand why I’m the only one to comment on it.

    On the other hand I may only be the only other person who gets it.


  2. Mr. Monkey says:

    You seem to have an amazing understanding of the electronics. I don’t think many of the people at the rave really care about horn loaded compression drivers, DACs, amplifier design and such of that nature. Do you work in the audio industry?

  3. bunnie says:

    lol thanks for the kind words. Music is an inspiration to me, so I think it brings out a more poetic side when I write about it. Plus, I have plenty of unplugged time at raves (no blackberry, no conference calls!) for my mind to wander and think about random and new stuff.

    It’s hard not to get excited about all the cool electronics in front of you surrounding you with awesome sounds. It makes you want to…dance. Funny that.

    I don’t work in the audio industry per se–I’m just a general purpose electrical engineer, no particular specialty.

  4. Ivan says:

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