Site Having Troubles

If you can read this message, congratulations! You got to my server.

Due to the massive onslaught of traffic today, my server is having troubles. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Also, for readers who arrived via the front page, the blog series “Made in China” is a set of several posts, so please do scroll down to read the first in the series. Blogs have this funny time-reversal thing going on with them so it’s awkard for readers joining a themed miniseries mid-stream.

4 Responses to “Site Having Troubles”

  1. bf says:

    Wow. Excellent tour, thanks for taking the time to show us this. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to take a vacation out there to see the factories.

    I saw a few one line angry comments to some of your posts. Those comments sadded me. To use their words against them, shame.

    The world is a big place; get out and travel the world before you belittle someone who is working hard to make their dream a reality.

    If you dont like how things are made, make them yourself.

    I also liked seeing the hand made plastics… any idea what materials they were using? It would be fun to do a short run of my own logos.

    Thanks, and post more vids!

  2. Felix says:

    Oh and I would suggest to somehow change the videos that they don’t start playing immediately (At least on my system, I don’t have to press the ‘play’ button). This probably wastes a lot of bandwidth, because most of the videos aren’t even visible before scrolling down.

  3. These posts are fascinating – thanks so much for sharing. Is there any chance you could create a category just for the Made in China series? I’d like to have a single page I can link to for the whole series.

  4. bunnie says:

    I was thinking about making the videos not play until you told them to, but then again I was thinking it would be neat if the pictures could play and tell the story as you read the story–kind of like how the pictures move on the newspapers and books in Harry Potter. Kind of an experiment, if you will, in the media form although I’ll admit it’s a bit impractical. It’s hard for me to tell if it’s more effective to have the moving pictures right away, since I’m the author of the posts, but I think the effect is sort of neat. Hopefully it’s not too distracting.

    Seems that the server has stabilized though and is handling the load nicely…it’s not the bandwidth that was killing me it turns out; it was the large number of concurrent requests that happened when the article first hit boingboing…the cgi script processes behind wordpress consumed so much memory that the system maintenance scripts automatically locked them out a preemptive protection mechanism.