Nintendo DS vs Girl

DS 1, Girl 0. Poor Rachel, surrounded by such nerds.

And poor me, I lost that round of Tetris to caustik. And the next round. And the next round…

9 Responses to “Nintendo DS vs Girl”

  1. Nate says:

    bunnie got married! Just starting rumors. Congrats on the DS.

  2. bunnie says:

    Hahah, no no still happily unmarried, and ftr Rachel’s not my girl — she’s with the better Tetris playa. :-)

    Love my DS! I got it in Hong Kong to pass the time on the subway rides to work in Shenzhen.

  3. Get Rachel a DS already. :)

  4. Joe R. says:

    Is that Iron Chef Morimoto Masaharu?

  5. I really like tetris, I waiste all of my time at work playing it.

  6. Dsgirl04 says:

    For one why do you like tetris its boring?

  7. Dsgirl04 says:

    Has anyone heard of the 2000s yet?

  8. Dsgirl04 says:

    speak to me someone

  9. dinstapinsta says:

    Got I love my Nintendo DSi, got it when it came out and haven’t regretted my purchase yet.