…and We’re Back

Site’s been restored after a blackout in solidarity with the anti-SOPA protests around the internet. Looks like a few congressmen got the message!

7 Responses to “…and We’re Back”

  1. squalyl says:


    what about the december’s ware to be named?

  2. bunnie says:

    I’ll do it this weekend! and get the new ware up too.

  3. Felt inclined to leave a comment in appreciation.

  4. I really have to get good photos of that circuit board, don’t I. It’ll be good contest.

  5. Just to keep everybody informed – I am still being sued by Sony in the UK for stocking the Jailbreak dongle. Sony are suing me for breach of Patent! They sent Greater Manchester Police and Trading Standards to take all my computers 6 months ago. They have not charged me with anything but are keeping the computers. They tell me they are going to charge me with “Xbox 360 flashing” as they think it is illegal. As far as I am concerned, it is a customers property to do with as they see fit. Stop SOPA PIPA and ACTA. Keep up the good work Bunnie!

  6. Spark is lit…… now finish this boys!
    Hook’Em Good & then Hook’Em again for the hell of it!
    Time for the D to score some points.