Name that Ware January 2008

The ware for January 2008 is shown below. Click on the image for a much larger version.

This photograph isn’t of the whole unit, it’s just of one (important) part of it; but I think that’s part of the challenge. I believe there are enough hints buried in the photograph for one to deduce exactly what product this comes from.

This month, I will again be able to offer a dent-and-scratch chumby as a prize. Have fun!

37 Responses to “Name that Ware January 2008”

  1. Carlo says:

    here’s my answer:


    Hopefully its right!!!!

  2. vt says:

    Looks like some sort of Wi-Fi-enabled device with a snooze button. The e1ccbfe88f2c87cd06f596f65cefdf35, specifically :)

  3. Anthony says:

    An 802.11 streaming clock radio – at a guess, a Roku Soundbridge Radio.

    Key hints would be the ralink wireless chipset, the audio connectors to the left indicating fm/internet sources, the lower header marked snooze, and the 2005 manufacturing date.

  4. Henry says:

    I’d say, based on a whole bunch of things in the picture, it’s just got to be this thing: c59a6e72519dedb0b62f384bebc21cf2 .

  5. mangel says:

    Hi Bunnie,

    Left to right:
    – In the left connector it says: Internet L, Internet R, FM R, FR L.
    L and R stands for left and right audio signals. There is two analog channels: one for Internet audio signals and another for FM audio signals.
    It seems a kind of internet radio an FM radio equipment.

    -There is a WiFi USB module with chipset from Atheros, the Ralink RT2571WF chipset. –> a WiFi connected product.

    -The blue module seems to be a processor board (with two USB coming from it, the one for the WiFi module and another for the connector on the right (D+, D- signals). In the module there is a IRM2 marking.
    With the previous knowledge it could stands for Internet Radio Module.
    Looking in the internet I found this Barracuda module from Reciva:

    I also found more information of this board in the following WiKi, that is a project to turn barracuda module into a general purpose GPL board:

    And in the reciva website main page I found it very similar to the “Reciva based stand-alone player” photograph.

    Keep looking for the manufacturer.

  6. mangel says:


    I forgotten to comment more clues: there is a loudspeaker in the lower part of the photograph, and a snooze connector that leads to a:

    clock radio stand alone reciva based player.

  7. Azer says:

    Judgeing by the Ralink RT2571WF based 802.11g USB dongle the rather large speaker and the snooze button i would say it’s a wifi enabled alarm clock, more specificly the Tangent Quattro WiFi Alarm Radio in black color. And by measuring the ratio of the size of the box over the size of the usb plug you get 1900px(circuit board)+137px+137x(for the edges) / 152px(usb) = 14.3 Dimension of radio is 21cm/1.43cm(by usb standards)= 14.68 and taking into effct the measuring of aprox point of view in picture, I would say it’spretty close. The placement of the large speaker and the snoozebuttin right above it also fits. The blue board is the the display controller wich is futured in many radios, the text you blured propably read Reciva more info here, with schematics :)
    The seethrough cable is for the usb-mp3player docking.

  8. mangel says:


    ┬┐Could be the Reciva MagicBox IMP Wi-Fi Internet Radio?.

  9. mangel says:


    I retire the previous comment. It is not the correct dimensions for the Reciva MagicBox.

  10. David says:

    It’s definitely the Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio, but not in black as Azer says but in red walnut veneer.

  11. mangel says:


    Looking at the currently available Receiva based Internet Radios:

    the only one that match the photo in dimensions and shape (and made in wood) is the Tangent Quattro black version:

    The Quattro has a snooze button on top near the speaker, just in the place that we see the small button PCB board in the photo, connected to the snooze marked connector.

    The left cable is the audio interface with the missing mixer/amplifier board.
    The antenna cables go to the onboard FM radio tuner (you can see it, covered with metal shield).

    There is two other interface cables. In the catalogue:
    you can see that Quattro radio has two interfaces to: Aux input (PC/MP3 player) that match this two connectors.

  12. Dan Smith says:

    I don’t ususally enter these (just read with fascination ;)

    But this one had enough tantalising clues I thought I’d take a punt..

    So given the clues –

    IRM2 module (which Google reveals is “a small circuit board (with onboard micro-controller) that can be installed into CD players to automatically perform a pre-programmed sequence upon a contact closure. This could be “random play” or almost anything you like.”)
    a speaker not on the same face as the controls
    (at this point I tunred the image upside down to get a better perspective – “aha! speaker must be on the underside :)”
    snooze button – implies must be some sort of alarm clock function

    So I googled further:

    And therefore I submit as my entry:
    ASUS ‘AIR’ Internet Radio/Alarm clock


  13. Dan Smith says:

    oh of course didn’t mention the other essential clue – the wooden case which was needed to arrive at the various eBay auctions for these ASUS boxes – then looking at the pic, the rounded corners rather seem to match?

  14. Dan Smith says:

    right/yes, here we go – this is the one I mean:

    (as you can see; filling in the gaps across several posts in case someone beat me to it – the standard of analysis on here is always way above my head, so will be dead-pleased if I’m right! ;)

  15. Dan Smith says:

    oh hang on – just noticed in the righer-res-than eBay photo that that looks rather like a speaker grille on the /front/ of the ASUS one – perhaps back to the drawing board after all :\

  16. Dan Smith says:

    OK, what about this one? :)

    Speaker on the opposite face to the interface/where the logic board probably is…

  17. Dan Smith says:

    oops – someone already guessed that – lol – sorry for getting all over-excited/so many posts! (it’s been a pretty slow day at work)

    Oh, just by way of competing the analyisis – the braided metal cable gives way that it’s something RF going into/out of that board – hence that likely to be wifi becuase of all the “internet” markings (bluetooth tends to come as an all-in-one unit right?). Did think it a bit suspiciously low build quality to be ASUS i.e. the wonky internal USB connector, rather than say a soldered-in cable or pin-connector and the rather hap-hazard looking ‘splodge’ of glue keeping the wifi module in place – alsthough I’m sure ASUS probably do re-brand cheaper stuff, this looks a bit too cheap to be honest – looks like it was cobbled togther from off the shelf stuff that could be hooked up any old way rather than designed from scratch whci ASUS surely has the capacity to do (EE PC and so on..)

  18. Chris Egner says:

    I know it seems to obvious, but my guess is a chumby.

  19. Chris Egner says:

    And I heretofore revoke that prior guess. (Now that I’ve seen some of the internals…)

  20. Chris Egner says:

    Ok here’s more more intelligent guess:

    I really liked: seeing as it had a usb connector right on the faceplate. This gives more merit to the usb connector on the inside. However, it has the hard corners (jointed specifically) and it has the speaker on the same side.

    Mangel is right, the blue board is definitely a Baracuda. This actually gives good reason for the usb connector (a simple ucLinux would be able to deal with the RT chipset and usb no problem, plus it makes for a smaller manafucture process for the company).

    The other reason I like this one (in addition to the layout) the color of the wood likes about right. You can only see a sliver on the left or the right, but it has a nice deep tone to it.

  21. Nate says:

    The thing that gets me is why bother with a USB connector under the board, just put the RAlink chip directly on the motherboard. My guess is that they may sell this device without network access or took a reference design and added the 802.11. This design is really high cost overall so it was done by someone inexperienced, rushed to market, or a rev is planned and this is just the first version.

  22. Tom Burns says:

    Azer is most definitely correct, that it is a Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio. I only wish I had beaten him to the punch :). The only detail he is incorrect about is that it is the ‘black’ model. The black model has the wood actually painted black, whereas you can see in the edges of the photo it’s the walnet model.

    Other interesting features:
    – obviously it has stereo FM support, and assumably stereo mp3/wifi support.. but it only has one speaker! hopefully it has a headphone jack.

  23. vt says:

    It’s a Tangent Quattro. The details that gave it away are the USB Wi-Fi dongle, the wooden rectangular enclosure, and the placement of the speaker on the enclosure.

    e1ccbfe88f2c87cd06f596f65cefdf35 = “tangent quattro wi-fi radio thingy”

  24. belgarat says:

    Yup, it’s a Tangent Quattro (

    The wireless chipset was the first hint. Also, the connectors are labeled “Internet”, “L”, “R” and “snooze”. Oh, and the speaker of course.

    It’s obviously some internet-enabled wifi thing that played audio and had snooze functionality.

    After googling different internet radios I arrived at a site that listed different models.

    What struck me with this ware was the placement of the speaker. Most other radios have the speaker in front. So, by eliminating radios with speakers in front, different shapes and without a wooden chassi, I arrived at the Tangent. The rounded corners were another characteristic that helped me.

    Onced I arrived at the Tangent and verified the placement of the snoozebutton, I was absollutelly positivelly sure.

    This was fun!

  25. vt says:

    I guess I should elaborate on my guess of the Tangent Quattro:

    I began by Googling the RT2571WF part number, which yielded results that suggested that the daughterboard it is located on is a USB Wi-Fi dongle. The speaker and the “snooze” connector led me to believe that the device is some sort of Wi-Fi enabled alarm clock, or some audio player with an alarm clock function.

    So I Googled for that, and the Tangent Quattro happened to be the one with the most similar form factor (shape of front panel matches, speaker placement matches) and enclosure material to the device in the photo.

    So there you have it!

    One thing that strikes me about the Tangent Quattro is how much space seems to be wasted by the cavity in the enclosure. They probably could have made it far more compact by replacing the single mono speaker with two stereo speakers on either side of the front panel, although not being able to see more of the device’s innards, I don’t know about that.

  26. mangel says:

    Vt, I think there is not so match wasted space:

    1. There has to be another board, with the mixer/amplifier, power supply and back connectors.

    2. And it is better for the speaker to have more space. What suprised me is that, being Tangent an audio equipment (and loudspeakers) manufacturer, there is no fiberglass material inside the box to cancel back wave (preventing to bounce and return to the speaker) and get better sound.

    3. And also design: the retro look is better with that dimensions. By the way, what I don’t like much is the grid design of the speaker.

    And I think that the “wonky USB connector” is related to price and/or software drivers available. Because there is a lot of USB modules to integrate in boards out there.

  27. […] On Bunnie’s name that ware contest, I stare befuddled at the boards, maybe searching for a couple of part numbers at best. And then watch people comment within minutes with detailed analyses of how the thing was designed, sometimes manufactured, sometimes even commentary on the above two – and guesses (some correct!) about exactly which consumer product it is. […]

  28. Borgel says:

    I agree with the current consensus, that this is a Tangent Quattro, and all the analysis that everyone seems to have put in to the decision (nice job vt & mangel!) but I have other support as well.

    -If you look at the board itself (the main (green) one that fills most of the frame), you can see four parallel rows of solder pads, some of them with SMD resistors attached to two of the pins. Considering the front of the Tangent has two horizontal rows of 5 buttons each, these are probably the pads for the mechanisms. All of them are not visible, but they seem sufficiently centered and at about the right height to work. To add to this, just below the top two screw posts (in the image), there are two groups of 4 pads each, which correspond to the two separated buttons shown in images of the Tangent. Finally, the top of the wood, just below the bottom of the main board, there is a small PCB screwed into the wood with a red/black wire pair running into it. This is the snooze button that is set into the speaker bezel on the top of the unit. (as seen here It actually plugs into the connector labeled “Snooze” too.

    -Additionally, on the bottom of the main board, there is a closely spaced row of pads (between the Snooze connector and one of the capacitors). It seems likely that this is the set of connectors for the LCD on the front of the Tangent. If the entire board were on the front of the unit and rightside up (in the image, the words on the main board are all upside down) then the LCD would be on top and the buttons in the middle and bottom, as they are on the Tangent website.

    -On top of this, judging by the edges of the black plastic, it has a small lip and is designed to sit in (not on) the wood it is mounted in, which is also consistent with the Tangent.

    Whew, I think that wraps it up.

  29. David Gabler says:

    Starting top left working accross and down.
    Apears to be leads for at two rows of buttons going accross. Appear to be atleast two rows of five buttons clustered and two on the extreems.
    There appears to be an patch atenna with ground shield and grounding cable attached.
    The blue off colored board with obscured name C2005 IRM2
    rt2571wf chipset

    Silkscreen of notice.
    Snooze in lower middle.
    FM R
    FM L
    Internet R
    Internet L
    There appear to be two more buttons on the PCB attached to the particle board which go to the snooze silk screen..

    For The USB adapter, check out:
    Some great pictures

    Now to figgure out what it is.

    Given that there is a snooze button it is some sort of a clock radio. That is a given. Now what kind.
    We know:
    There are two rows of atleast five buttons centered (its a consumer device, astetics matter.)
    There is a button lined up with the ‘top’ row far to the extreems (left and right)
    Now. The panel that is pulled up has rounded corners. It also sits in a recessed joint in the MDF. There is a fake wood venier on the MDF. The box appears to simmilar shape to a tissue box.
    There is FM
    There is Internet.
    The snooze button appears to be wired to a button near the speaker.
    What is that Blue board though. That must be the brains of the unit…..

    Amazon search for wifi internet radio yeilds a few but the most promising is:
    Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio
    $349.95 at Amazon

    The screw holes appear to line up on the back. The corners are rounded. It is MDF construction. There are the correct number of buttons. Buttons are in the right places. It FITS!

    That is my guess, Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio

  30. Henry says:

    Yeah, the Tangent Quattro thing.

    c59a6e72519dedb0b62f384bebc21cf2 = Tangent Quattro WiFi Internet Radio

    Just from the rounded corners of the plastic panel and the MDF box, the placement of the speaker at a right angle to the front panel, and the hole pattern for the tactile pushbuttons and long SIP header for the LCD.

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