Winners of Name that Ware December 2008 and January 2009

I did a double-post last time for Name that Ware, so I’ll do a double-judging this time as well.

January’s ware is the Philips XP3422 photomultiplier tube, and Jim is the winner for correctly identifying it and providing a link to a document that discusses how to use this tube. I didn’t realize it was for use in gamma ray camera arrays! The hex shape for dense packing makes sense now. Thanks for the info, and congrats.

December’s ware is a Wintek Wince 6800 control module. Johny ^_^ got the answer correct first. And Keith, yes, I’d be happy to send the TGIMBOEJ on to you!

Congrats to everyone and drop me an email to claim your prizes (or your box of stuff as it may be — just need your mailing address).

2 Responses to “Winners of Name that Ware December 2008 and January 2009”

  1. I had emailed my mailing address 16-Mar and fear it may have got lost in your spam folder.

    No problem if you received it okay and you’ve just been busy; but I can retransmit if it did get lost.

  2. Er, that was re: TGIMBOEJ.