Name that Ware February 2009

The Ware for February 2009 is shown below. Click the link for a much larger version.

One of the guidelines I have about picking wares for this competition is that they should have been “in production” at least once upon a time, even in small volume. In other words, I avoid posting one-off prototypes (unless there’s a really interesting story behind it) so that there is a reasonable chance someone could positively identify it.

Thanks to the recession, I have a bit of a spin I can put on that rule. The ware above was “in production” (there’s a factory in China sitting on a pile of these) but the company that ordered them is now defunct, so I don’t think it ever made it to market. That would define this product as a pre-production prototype — normally kept secret — but since the company is gone, it’s fair game for a teardown (or at least, they stiffed the factory, so what would you expect?). It’s not a particularly tough ware to guess in terms of function (its form factor is a bit of a giveaway), but it will be interesting to see if anyone can identify the exact model number (one was assigned) and company — or business model — for this ware.

17 Responses to “Name that Ware February 2009”

  1. Ryan G says:

    Looks like a wifi phone of some sort, it’s relatively old since it looks like the wireless controllers are 802.11b only.

  2. Brendan says:

    Yeah, definitely a 802.11b phone of some sort. Looks like Agere sold that whole chipset (802.11b, power management IC, T8307 ARM SoC) for SIP VoIP usage. Also, it’s got the 2 volume buttons+headset jack on the left side, and the contacts for a vibration motor at the bottom.
    I looked through a lot of VoIP phones, and didn’t see any that had this (vaguely-Nokia 3210-ish) body shape. Maybe a prototype WiFi phone for SunRocket (VoIP provider that abruptly went belly-up in Summer 2007)?

  3. Chad D says:

    Only from the long description, I’m going to guess the Cisco iPhone…. I don’t think it ever officially made it to market.

  4. Agere merged with LSI Logic Corporation in 2007, and suddenly LSI has a new VOIP offering, so the breakdown could well be a VOIP phone of some sort. No idea on the origins though, the form doesn’t look very Cisco’ish, so I doubt it’s their phone – also they’re still in business. What about a someone who was trying to complete with 3’s Skypephone? or is that the wrong side of the pond :-)

  5. Theo says:

    My guess would be a UFStarcom GF200 triband GSM + Wifi + SIP phone. According to Wikipedia they sold their personal communications division to AIG in 2008.

    There are some board shots of the F1000 at:
    (look at it in Google’s cache, that link doesn’t work for me at the moment) which use the same chipset, but a much sparser board!

    Some reviews mention that it would allow transfer of calls in progress from GSM to SIP – perhaps that was the business model that didn’t take off?

  6. Wim L says:

    Isn’t UMA supposed to allow GSM/WiFi handoffs, or am I misremembering?

  7. Grey Hodge says:

    You’re all wrong, and I don’t understand how such smart people could be so incorrect. It’s OBVIOUSLY a television. ;)

  8. John Miles says:

    I’m thinking Cisco didn’t go out of business and stiff their factory.

    Maybe something built for Vonage? Aren’t they at death’s door?

  9. szenyo says:

    It is TrueNTRY mobile phone platform. X112 or X113. or not.

  10. Richy says:

    I’m new here so I don’t know the rules of the competition.

    But clearly this is a wifi / usb voip phone with usb charging and a headphone jack. it was designed by Agere Systems of PA who got sued by Micro$haft over some questionable patent, and eventually bought by LSI.

    Am I close?

  11. David Gabler says:

    I think that it is the EnGenius SI-680H IP SIP Wireless Telephone

    Same/similar form factor. buttons in correct place, 802.11b only.

  12. What are the two blue components on the left that look like little ears? Why are they mounted at 45 degrees?


  13. CaptainObvious says:

    The blue ears just might have something to do with “Antenna” as proposed by the print next to them: “Ant1” and “Ant2″…

  14. David Gabler says:

    Something like: not exact but close enough to get the idea.

  15. Universal Turing Machine says:

    Tis no television

    i know what it is…..

    Alculard Coffin

    No serioiusly it a wirless telphone 802.11B

  16. Greg Johnson says:

    I don’t usually post on blogs but had to on yours. You have a very easy to read writing style. A lot of people don’t have that touch, they just drone on and on in the most boring way. But not you – thanks! Thanks again!

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