Winner, Name that Ware December 2012

The Ware for December 2012 are boards from a 2100MHz RF PA module with digital predistortion, from a defunct company named Wiseband.

The submitter of the ware notes that there is a patent that is a close hit on this design, see figure 4 of “Super-linear multi-carrier power amplifier“. The PA board is block 108, the digital board is block 124; the rf board, with the 3 downconverters and 1 upconverter, is block 120, with some components connected externally to the board (not seen in the scans) – the delay lines and the error amplifier (154, 156).

Picking a winner this time is like throwing darts — lots of insightful analysis, but no exact matches. I’ll go with…Andy Bardagjy, email me for your prize!

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