Chumbys available for sale to the UK

Finally, you can order a chumby from the chumby on-line store and have it shipped to the UK. Chumby has been on a long road getting past all the regulatory and trade hurdles for these shipments (and I hear there is still some obscene import tariff applied to the device by the UK), but chumby is finally shipping to its first country in the European region (we already sell in Japan and Australia).

It’s amazing how complex and difficult trade regulations can be to navigate, and the kinds of barriers that can be erected to keep you out of markets (for example, we are currently blocked from shipping to Canada over a trademark dispute). Still, it’s all a good learning experience.

3 Responses to “Chumbys available for sale to the UK”

  1. AJS says:

    As a reader from the European mainland, I’m curious as to what sort of trade/regulatory hurdles:
    a) You’ve faced getting to the UK;
    b) You will face getting to the EU mainland, above and beyond a.

    I imagine there’s the CE-mark thing required to get anywhere in the European Export Area (EEA), but with that sorted is there much else?

  2. Yay yay yay!

    I’ve been hoping to see these on sale in the UK for a long time. And my alarm clock is needing replacement … maybe there is a synergy here ;-)

    Thanks for the work getting this sorted!

  3. After searching Google I found your site. I think both are good and I is going to be coming back to you and them in the future. Thanks