Winner, Name that Ware June 2013

The Ware for June 2013 is an iPhone 5 motherboard. mangel guessed it correctly first, so he’s the winner (congrats again!). I found these for sale in the electronics market in SZ — a tidy stack of them sitting in the vendor’s counter. Next to them was a less tidy stack of the same boards with severe mechanical damage (as in, looked like they got run through with a forklift). So my guess is these are rejects from an authentic Apple iPhone 5 production line. Probably the whole box of damaged goods was tossed in the rubbish bin, and someone downstream recognized it for what it was and fished it out.

Of course, it’s fairly easy to recognize an Apple circuit board even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for — they’re the only ones that use a matte black soldermask with no silkscreen anywhere [and now is ze time when ve dance!].

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