Winner, Name that Ware June 2009

The Ware for June 2009 was a Hoya L-210-P2 laser power supply. It’s used to drive a high energy pulse laser at 532nm, and it’s used as part of a probe station setup that’s capable of cutting metal wires on integrated circuits. There’s one unfortunate part about using a 532nm laser to try and cut metal wires on a chip: with modern ICs pushing 45nm geometries, a 532nm laser is more like a sledgehammer and less of a scalpel for doing circuit edits.

At any rate, this Ware generated quite a comment thread–I didn’t think it would be so interesting or difficult to guess. Many people came close and a couple even guessed it. For being the first to guess correctly, as well as for the detailed and thoughtful comments, KE5FX is the winner of this competition. Very good sleuthing and great intuition; send me an email to claim a prize. Thanks to everyone who played!

As requested, here’s some links to larger photos of the ware: 1 2

5 Responses to “Winner, Name that Ware June 2009”

  1. pj says:

    Bunnie, could you do a post mortem on that ware ?
    I’d love to know what those yellow tubes at the top of the image are, as well as some more information on that black transformer at the bottom of the image.
    Maybe even a larger picture ?

  2. Universal Turing Machine says:

    yer please mate nice stuff.

    oh by the way it wasn’t just you had a bad view of the eclipse Patric moors crew had a boat to try and see it and still lost by a epic fail.

    I’ll guess I’ll have to wait till 2015 for the next eclipse here in the uk.

  3. KE5FX says:

    Email sent; thanks! Still can’t believe this thing works without weird crosstalk problems when the tube fires.

  4. Diseño Web says:

    Hi, Great post. Would love to chat with you some time. I visit these markets regularly too, and have a stack of those schematics books on my desk. I’m a wireless industry analyst, and would love to get your take on the market.

  5. Seber I would love if it is working without alien crosstalk problems when shooting the tube?