Tutorial from Today

A bunch of people asked me today if my tutorial that I was giving at the Maker’s Faire will be posted online. It’ll stay up as long as I can afford the bandwidth to host this file (problem solved! see below for a torrent). Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and partook in the tutorials! Christine.net has a video blog (!) that includes a short clip of me at the faire.

hb has solved my bandwidth problem and set me up with torrents for the big files (that’s what bittorrent is intended for anyways, right? I can always count on hb for elegant solutions like this). If you want a fast download, download and use these torrents:

Breadboarding primer torrent
Christine.net’s video blog clip torrent

9 Responses to “Tutorial from Today”

  1. Damon says:

    Thanks a lot for posting the file online. It is great. Keep on the good work. (I should also thank you for your great book: hacking the xbox)

  2. jhallows says:

    Hey the torrent link says we have to register, but once register you still can’t download. What tracker are you using?

  3. Ben Ceschi says:

    Bummer. Torrent’s dead.

  4. bunnie says:

    Sorry about that guys! I’m a moron and I had an old torrent tracker up for a couple of days. It’s fixed now.

  5. hb says:

    torrent should be working fine now.

  6. Alexandre says:

    Hi there Bunnie, I have a site with lots of tutorials and curious things about electronics, do you mind I translate your tutorial to portuguese and re-shoot the photos (they are great but too much red), and publish that on my page? Full credit given, of course. Greetings from Brazil!

  7. bunnie says:

    Feel free to translate and repost. Actually, I wish I had put a little more explanation into it; I think one thing I needed to add into the tutorial was a quick section on how to read a schematic–what a symbol for a resistor and capacitor was, and how to read connections and crossovers, and how to interpret the power supply connections. I think I took a bit of a leap from the LED schematic to the 555 timer schematic for novices.

  8. Ebotte says:


    When the devil is blind……