Winner of Name that Ware, April 2007!

The winner of Name that Ware April 2007 is Bruce Walker. Great work! email me to claim your prize. Seems like this one was a breeze. This ware is similar to one previously featured on Name that Ware; perhaps one could argue that this is its big brother. I actually paid about 400 quai (USD 52) for it, but that’s probably because my haggling skills aren’t that great. Then again, most vendors wouldn’t even talk to me with an opening offer below 400.

I thought this ware was particularly interesting because of the functionality it offered at its price point. For around 50 US, you get a digital camera/video recorder with flash, video playback, FM radio, sound recorder, and best of all–an NES emulator built in.

3 Responses to “Winner of Name that Ware, April 2007!”

  1. Thats really neat. How does it run? Is it smooth? I\’ve modded a lot of consoles, but never an ipod.

  2. Jonathan Herr says:

    That doesn’t seem to be a real iPod… on my iPod, there’s no ‘iPod logo above the scrollwheel, plus the text on the scrollwheel is all wrong..

  3. Joe Brain says:

    Heh besides the mini USB stuck into the bottom of it?