Chipworks and the Xbox360

I thought some readers might find it interesting that Chipworks has already de-capped and photographed the silicon inside the Xbox-360. You can read more at their press release. Bring out the big guns!

For those unfamiliar with Chipworks, they are a leading silicon reverse engineering firm. I saw their booth once at ISSCC and they had a copy of the full schematics of a Broadcom 802.11 WiFi transceiver RF backend that they had extracted from silicon. I overheard a comment from the Broadcom engineers that the Chipworks schematics were better documented than Broadcom’s internal schematics…shows how high quality these guys are.

And no, I don’t have an Xbox360; can’t find ’em in the stores. I hear there’s a shortage of them, Microsoft missed their production targets. Not surprised. Maybe they’ll get their production problems figured out before the PS3 is introduced…

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  1. willpower101 says:

    can i sell you one?

  2. Will says:

    I’m sure the folks at Xbox-Scene would donate enough money for you to get a 360 if you asked…

  3. Boomy says:

    I don’t think he doesn’t have the money, he can’t buy it because there’s none left in store.

  4. matt says:

    they have them on ebay for around 550

  5. BCfosheezy says:

    I would personally donate one to mr. Huang if he would help uncover the boot sequence. I’m not so sure he would. If I remember correctly he either advised the xbox team on security and had to sign a NDA or signed some kind of agreement along the way. At any rate most do not have the knowledge or equipment that mr. Huang has and if he would again put what he has towards helping the xbox community I would gladly donate a 360.

  6. darrick says:

    I too would donate to help him pay for a 360 if someone has one they would send him.

  7. m0nk3h says:

    “Bunnie” Can You Confirm that you aint allowed to Work With The 360 to crack it Or Have u not signed a contract with ms … I Think this is a question most peeps want answering ..???

    “thanks Rob”

  8. EvilDoor says:

    Yea bunny, I would like to know too. What exactly did you help m$ with?


  9. K3ke says:

    Don’t you see xbox360 as the biggest hacking challenge that someone could get? :))

  10. jaymoore31 says:

    I would be willing to donate to bunnie for the purpose of hacking the xbox 360. Bunnie, you should setup a paypal account for donations.

  11. Zencyde says:

    Hey Bunnie, just thought I would mention that I liked your book so much i bought it twice! (well it was also stolen the first time…did my english project over it though :P) You haven’t commented on your opinion on the encyrption mechanism… What do you think of the fact that the key is stored in the CPU itself? Scary thought, is there any known way to extract it? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  12. mem400 says:

    You have a intelligence that I can not fathom. Yet are u really happy ? Today God and religon has become a big business. I want to ask u a question. Do you know what God’s plan for humans originally was ? Will it still be cared out ?


  13. Chris says:

    i will give you one for no charge if you are willing to use it to work on ‘hacking the xbox 360,’ and plan on publishing or puting online what you did so we can all learn. Thanks. Send me an email if you are interseted, or give me a call 612 805 1807

  14. bunnie says:

    Thanks guys, but I’ll buy one when it actually becomes available on store shelves around here (which looks like around March timeframe–hopefully the PS3 will be out then, too, applying some price pressure to these overpriced morsels of technology).

    However, if anyone has a *broken* Xbox360 that for some reason isn’t under warranty terms (beer spill, lost a game of tug-of-war with Fido), I’ll buy the console part for the Best Buy list price of a new Core system (whatever it is at the time).

  15. SuperGorillaBall says:

    I don’t think Bunnie needs help buying a xbox360…

    but setting up a fund to purchase the ChipWorks schematics might provide Bunnie a great headstart.

    Bunnie can you guess what kind of prices Chipworks would ask for the complete mapping of the system?

    P.S. Thanks for your work on the xbox, I am happily running XBMC on it, I wouldn’t have bought an xbox otherwise…

  16. SuperGorillaBall says:

    For some reason the text didn’t post!?

    I wanted to say that the guys at smashmyxbox just did in a xbox360, maybe you could get their’s?

  17. K3ke says:

    Bunnie, I would also know , what is ur personal opinion about the security of XBOX360? Do you think it can be hackeD? from what I have seen I think its pretty impossible since everything is built within the CPU this time :'( Please let us know your thoughts about XBOX360 :)

  18. teh says:

    Hey bunnie, please anwser our question whether you are “under oath” as far as helping the scene crack the new box. Did you help microsoft with security? and if you did, please tell us as much as you legally can about what you did. :)

  19. Fr3tr says:

    yo bunnie would you even answer us please at least give us that

  20. bunnie says:

    As far as I know, I am a free agent with respect to the xbox360, although I’m sure there are elements that would rather that not be the case.

    And no, I have no access to nor posession of any confidential information on the Xbox360, nor do I desire such information–that kind of information would be nothing but trouble for me. I know as much as (if not less than) the rest of you do, as I have not touched the hardware myself yet. And, I am quite happy to read about everyone’s adventures hacking the Xbox360 on the web and in the channels; I’ve got a ton of projects going on right now, and some personal issues too (like a pesky, psycho cheatin’ ex-girlfriend that thinks she’s entitled to half my assets and won’t leave me alone–she’s filed a lawsuit, and it’s not about hacking, my friends. It’s all about greed and pathetic faux-melodrama. Talk about someone who doesn’t know how to let go and just get on with life with her new man).

    Maybe somebody will satisfy my curiosity about the console before I even get a chance to buy one!

  21. jig says:

    well, hopefully you didn’t live with her long enough for her to be a common law wife. moot if you live in a state where there is no such thing. good luck with that.

    joke: Why do divorces cost so much?

    A: Cause they’re worth it.

  22. bunnie says:

    Hahah. Two, maybe three years depending on how you count it. And I think CA has no common law marriage. It’s just a palimony case. More an annoying waste of time than problematic.

  23. Fr3tr says:

    man shout her or sumit lol hope you sort it out and that she doesnt take have your assets and cant wait to see wat you can do this time round

  24. Fr3tr says:

    i meant shoot her lol sorry

  25. Aris says:

    Hey bunnie i know you dont want to buy an xbox360 but what about if i lend you mine for the duration of the project and then just give it back modded when done.
    thats all i ask
    and good luck dude

  26. Kuna says:

    Bunnie, maybe you should accept one of these free xbox 360’s, hack it up and sell the info to teamxodus and the like. Take a portion of the money, buy your ex off and take a trip to Asia and get yourself a new girlfriend. One who doesnt speek english and wont talk back to you.

  27. teh says:

    Yeah, I understand that you have a personal life, but it seems almost as if everyone is EXPECTING you to “work your magic” with the new box. People need to realize that you are a human being, and (hopefully) not eager to spend hours upon hours attempting to crack the 360. Also, there are tons of other people in the scene who are probably working on it right now. Sure, bunnie is a technical genius, but realize that was on the ORIGINAL Xbox. The specifications on hardware, the encryptions, and the overall security of the 360 could easily be out of bunnie’s expertise. These things don’t happen overnight…and the mod chips that you were spoiled with on the original Xbox didn’t either. Anyone else remember the first gen mod chips on the original? You needed a bachelors degree in soldering just to hook those things up… By the way, good luck with your case, I had a similiar case a few years back… it was hell.

  28. Kunal says:

    hey bunnie
    i have heard about you on one forum and just to let ya no…
    every single person hecka respects you so just Good Job on all the stuff youve done

  29. Reidar says:

    Hey Bunnie. I bought your “Hacking the Xbox”-book, and I hope to see “Hacking the Xbox 360” from you ;).

  30. Bizquick says:

    Hey Bunnie I’m sure if you need help with the Ex-girl Friend problem. I think there is plent of people here that know someone that can take care of that issue with some deadly intent. I know people who would take care of psyhos for a lower fee. It real sucks to see how some women can take advantage of people. BTW thank you for all the work you did with the xbox project. It has improved M$ sales. And M$ would still be a number 3 console today if your work didn’t happen. And for most of these people asking him to work on the 360 quit asking. I mean look at how many teams and other people that are currently working on it now. I’m sure someone will put it all together. I mean 1 person can be great but a teams of people can sometimes do more.

  31. Sanchinos says:

    I hope your girlfriend takes you for all you’re worth.

    You hackers have done nothing but ruin the gaming experience that is provided to people through XBox LIVE! Thanks to you Halo2 turned into a cheat-fest. I have no problem with people who want to understand how something works or who get personal satisfaction from being able to do the things you do as a hobby (myself being an electrical engineer, I have a keen interest in these things as well) however I think it is reprehensible when you start detailing it and selling for profit so that others can turn a quick buck off of turning people’s entertainment experiences into crap.

    Some people want to play the games the way they’re meant to be played, and you’re enabling snot-nosed little kids to cheat.

    …No respect for the hard working people who payed for their systems to use them as intended. You make a couple bucks and in turn you all but ruin thousands of other people’s entertainment investments.

  32. Scarz says:

    Sanchinos – so are you saying I should suffer because of those out there that choose to be disruptive during online gaming? Do YOU have no respect for MY rights? I can do what I please with my hardware and everyone one else should too.

  33. Sanchinos says:


    On the contrary, I was quite clear on the fact that I’m perfectly okay with somebody modifying their own hardware (whether or not they’re breaking the law, however, is another point; and it’s quite clear that by doing so you are, in fact, breaking the law. The 360 user agreement specifically states that the OS on the system is licensed to you, not owned by you. Modifying the 360 isn’t JUST a hardware thing – there’s software manipulation too).

    Legalities aside, what I think is wrong is the selling of this information for profit. Do what you like with your own console. I could care less. If you’re smart enough and talented enough to understand it, then go right ahead. Just don’t profit from what you’re doing because we all know that the majority of those who modify their console do it for illegal and disruptive purposes. To deny that is to be completely ignorant.

    Why do people modify their consoles? To avoid paying for licensed software? Yes. To cheat online? Yes.

    It ruins the industry.

    I have lots of respects for your rights. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have many rights concerning the use of licenses other than that you may use them “as is”.

  34. nojok3 says:

    no one hacks halo 2 anymore….mods on Xbox 1 helped us get features we probably wouldn’t have received on the 360 like the Win XP and Win MCE functionality that first came from a xbox1 mod.

  35. bunnie says:

    Please think before you continue down your path of bigotry and ignorance. You apparently do not know any real hackers. True hackers are not interested in cheating or making money off of other people’s ideas. My website, my writings, and my way is devoted to exploration and understanding. I have never sold modchips. To argue that I should not be allowed to explore, understand, and disseminate would be tantamount to saying that biology research should not happen because someone could do cloning (again a subject of opinion), or bioweapons, or perhaps people will find a way to make money off of our bodys or health (like drugs, both legal and illegal).

    There are legal, well-understood rights for reverse engineers, including the fair use of code. The fact that software is licensed does not mean all the terms of the licenses are legal. There are software licenses that include clauses for unannounced search and seizure of your property, thankfully those are not enforceable; so far, the right to fair use for reverse engineering is also not revocable through license as far as I know.

    Finally, to say that one should not be able to write and sell books is incongruent with how this country works. What of O’Reilly’s successful and useful “hacks” line of books? If you bother to actually read my book, or my website, you will find that none of it talks of how to cheat or steal or disadvantage anyone. Rather, I believe that this is all part of the process of making better, more secure products. Microsoft can read my book as well as any hacker or script-kiddie can. If I might have inspired new hackers and they hack the Xbox360, I would have no problem with that, because it means that there is a deeper understanding of hardware and security in the world than before. What’s important is not what I do, but if I can share my passion for the subject with others. Likewise, I am in no hurry to hack the Xbox360. I hack because it’s fun and I like it–not for fortune, fame, or a high rank in Halo 3 (if I have rank in Halo 3 it’s because I will play too much of that darn game, and yes, I do buy my games). I think it would be fun to see Darwin boot on an Xbox360, and I do want to learn more about the PowerPC, but I am in no hurry to do either. And it’s quite possible that any work I do on the Xbox360 may not be very helpful for modchippers and will only be useful to homebrew/open source, thanks to the introspective Hypervisor in the Xbox360 (at least, if Microsoft did their security right, this would be the case). At any rate, there are already tons of people already looking at this (no need to duplicate/waste effort) and I have many other fun and interesting projects to work on (you can read about them at this blog or hear about one of them in February at the International Solid State Circuits Conference, look for me in session 13.7).

    Please, try to understand me before you judge me. Passing blanket judgements based on uninformed stereotypes is on the same path as racism and sexism, and other forms of unjust discrimination.

  36. GT says:


    Your measured responses were nice to read, whats more, you deftly ignored some of the “”helpful”” posts about your ex. What kind of unbalanced individuals suggest that they can have people ‘fixed-up’? Humanity is a good mix of nuts.

    Reading the information above from you shows that you are not only extremely talented, but worldly as well. In short, you seem to me to be a fantastic role model for the kidz who are learning of your ‘exploits’ in the Xbox world.

  37. Keo-Keo says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of your work and it has helped allot with my Linux adventures… XDSL I hope you get everything sorted out and hope to offer any help that I can. I’ve enjoyed many of your papers and you document so well. I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

    What another human can make… Another human can break.


  38. coco-buttah says:

    Back to the “psycho ex-girlfriend” thread….First off GT, anyone who uses the default moniker “psycho” can’t be all that worldly. Come on guys, you can come up with a new adjective for a girl you don’t like anymore! If you remember from the last flurry of XBox press, this “psycho ex-girlfriend” was also his business partner, fiance’, and a hot blonde with a nice rack. Sounds like a certain someone is bitter!

  39. teh says:

    Just for a little background on what a “Hypervisor” is =)

  40. Robbie Bach says:

    Dont waste your time on this box. It can not be hacked. We made sure of it.

  41. Bill says:

    I won’t buy one then mr bach!!!

  42. luekcalypso says:


    What do u think about JTAG programmability of CPU? Someone says that it ‘d be programmed at factory time with per box infos (private key, main bios ,etc..),

    many thanks

  43. Boomy says:

    Robbie, you said that also with the first xbox. Nothing can’t be hack, it’ll just take more time to discover a way. Anyway, the only I would like to change on my 360 is the DivX/XviD playback :(

  44. outmod says:

    I’ve started a website contest to raise funds for whom ever first hacks the Xbox 360. I’d like to work towards development of a universal open source modchip, that could possibly be used for many systems… when they are released. Any constructive feedback is welcome, i just started it two days ago.

  45. Mastiff says:

    Wow Robbie !! Thank’s for the advice if you say it cannot be hacked
    I guess we better all throw in the towel now. Oh wait, I forgot we
    purchased our hardware and if we want to hack it or turn it into a toaster
    or whatever that is our right.

    But again, thanks for the advice, Hey all you guys, Robbie say’s it
    can’t be done, we better all stop now!!

    oops sorry almost believed that for a second.

  46. Anunnaki says:

    “made sure of it” ? hmm you didnt make sure a whole lot of things because you rushed it to market. Its also killing disks and powersupplies and thus our carpets :)

    Its a matter of energy actually.

    Ah, and time is energy too of course ;)

  47. Saf says:

    outmod Says:

    November 30th, 2005 at 2:04 pm
    I’ve started a website contest to raise funds for whom ever first hacks the Xbox 360. I’d like to work towards development of a universal open source modchip, that could possibly be used for many systems… when they are released. Any constructive feedback is welcome, i just started it two days ago

    Dont you ppl get it, hackers aint in it to cost people or businesses like MS money, the only reason a mod chip exists is so ppl can download a game instead of paying for it, modchips also only are made by people who want to make money exploiting others property. Also its very laughable that you are willing to pay the first who hacks the xbox360 and enables you to make a modchip, a few thousand pounds/dollars, when you will beyond a doubt try and make that info exclusive, and milk as much money off the resulting modchip till someone reverse engineers your chip, which if its a month minimum would see a 10x minimum return on the money that was donated to you guys. So anyone wishing to donate to this site use your brain first, you will give them free money, once they pay the hcaker they will make modchips, they will overprice them and then you will have to buy one again with YOUR money, not one part of this scam will involve any major contribution on their part, think about it the money you end up spending on them will have goten you an xbox live subscrition for a year or a few decent games you will enjoy for months.

    Freedom of info is fine and dandy, but when ppl think they have a right to download games just cos they cant afford them at retail, thats when it gets all wrong, if you cant afford games, then you simply need to stop playing, its like cable and sky tv, if you cant afford it you dont get it, games are a luxury, the people who make them have bills to pay too, all your doing by downloading games is wasting time that could be used to improve your life to the point where you can afford games legally, and making the companys who produce games push prices up more since they see smaller profits on titles that get pirated a whole lot, and can use your greed to fuel thier greed.

  48. Extreme22 says:

    Bunnie you’re the fucken man that’s all I have to say,
    As well I know some were deep down inside of you that you have the shakes just looking at the 360 and see how it ticks bro in time you will see you will have on in your hands and it will be just a matter of time before you rip that son of a bitch open lol

    so all you guys just relax Bunnie will come around

  49. m0u53r says:

    Bunnie you are teh sh1tz0r!!


  50. Outmod says:

    Thanks Saf for the positive encouragement, it’s nice to have such wonderful feedback! :)

    But really, you need to chill out… so far the only person loosing money on is myself… the only person going to give the hacker any money is myself… You could look at it as a pre-ordering a mod chip. And what you will get won’t have anything illegal on it, it will just be hardware. Sorta like buying a pic and you take it home, download the script and make it do something.

    I don’t really care about having every game on the planet. I just like to modify stuff, and so do many other people in the world. The Xbox will be hacked… I’m sure Microsoft has come to grips with this.

    I’m just a guy who likes to solder, thinks it’s fun to source parts and build simple programmable electronics. I don’t have much faith that i could figure the 360 out even if i did have one, but i’d just like to help construct and build the modchip. I’m sure other people can and will engineer similar chips. I mean heck i think i’ve even seen multiple muffler shops in the same city! I think the scripts should be free… and instructions on how to build the modchip will probably also be on my website.

    Remember it’s not just people who are breaking the law who want mod chips. Many people develop mini games and don’t have the big bucks to lease or buy expensive noisy dev units. Other people want to run linux or who knows maybe OSX… or simply want to watch divx or listen to ogg vorbis files… or maybe they are just itching to hack it because they don’t like to own something that restricts them. Or maybe just because they want LED’s on every corner and an LCD on the front to tell you when to remind yourself to eat.

    oh come on Saf you know you want to donate


  51. Mr. Bill says:

    Think about it guys; if bunnie worked for/with MS on securing the damn thing, they might have been thoughtful enough to provide him with at least one, and he wouldn’t have an intrest in reverse engineering something he helped engineer! :) (no suprises to find)

    If they weren’t legally maried or the like and she’s going after half his assets, I’d agree with bunnie that psycho is the right term. Well, maybe greedy, opertunistic psycho would be more discriptive, but you get the idea.

    On the little “it can’t be done” ditty from Robbie, there’s no way in hell telling an enthusiast that something can’t be hacked will stop them. Take the Furby for example: the manufacturer (Tiger? I don’t remember now.) placed the little guys’ circuit boards in a resin sphere designed to break them if it was compromised, yet hackers found a way to open the shell an modify the “top secret” boards anyway. (I don’t remember how many poor Furbies were lost to reseach :) ) Please note that breaking into the Furby didn’t offer anything as lucrative as free $50 games or a modchip market, just resualted in getting an “unhackable” toy to do something it wasn’t meant to; a mere desire to take on the challenge, or hear Furby curse the capitalist pigs fueled the research :) .

    As for Saf’s little ditty on not downloading games, I totally disagree. As sentient beings (male humans) we all have the right to take whatever we want, whenever we want. After all, thats how I got my Cray and my three girlfriends in the basement.

  52. Hi Bunnie (or anybody else who knows),
    How do you de-cap a flip chip? With the silicon both glued down and the pads soldered, it seems like it’d be pretty tough to get it loose without trashing it.

    Ah, I miss the 90s, when you could just grab an Xacto knife and pop the lid off a PGA to see the wonders inside…

  53. Jrgong420 says:

    To all of the “Hacker-Haters” you do realize that just about everything that makes the 360 a “next-gen” console was pioneered on the original xbox by none other than “hackers”. And I also noticed that it is immoral to profit from modchips when consumerism is the base philosophy of our entire government(How much does windows go for now??). Not selling something is by its very nature “un-american”. Rather than bashing something that is nothing other than a byproduct of our society, maybe we should take a pragmatic look at why MS needs to put so much RD into preventing their product from being “hacked”. God forbid companies should supply the consumers with what they want, that could cut into profits.
    P.S. Mr. Bach i’m sure the 360 is great product right now but I have no intentions of investing in a gaming system that can’t be independently improved upon.

    Good luck with your personal life bunnie, and good luck on your other projects. I hope you find time to contribute to the xbox360 hacking scene.

  54. Avenger 2.0 says:

    Did like your book about the Xbox very much. Hope you’ll be writing one about the Xbox 360 too :)

  55. WhiteWolf says:

    Hi, i’m currently trying to exploit the 360…not many positive results up to date but i’ll keep trying (hopefully it won’t explode ^_^’).

    This is not some kind of “commercial”, is just my way to say the we (as the whole scene) are already on the job.



  56. doityourself says:

    well bunnie good luck on your personal part of life and as far as hacking stuff as most ppl claim they just dont understand that a hobby is a pass time project i like to try to understand how 1 thing works another but due to lack of equiptment i can only assume most of the modern day technology
    and as far as those who say the 360 isnt hackable they are so wrong m8 its only a matter of time and it will be hacked whether its a chip or software and most ppl mod there machines as mentioned earlier to have new o.s like running lynix and other apps and a percentage of ppl do it as the games are so expensive as nobody will give their kids £30-50 everytime they want a new game when they can have it modded and then buy the games for like £3-£5 a game
    good luck on your future m8 and keep up the good work on your valued projects

  57. koshari says:

    iam suprised there arent clone xboxes available given that the architecture is somewhat standard and the keys have been compromised.

    then you could buy a nice off the shelf multimedia player with XBMC on it, after all i have hardly played a game on my xbox other than the old mame classics.

    sure the graphics have gotten better but hte new games just arnt as fun as galaxian, ect.

  58. anonymuzz says:

    firts of bunnie thanks for all you great work we all lean so much from you.
    second sorry for placing this shit on your site but everybody needs to know about it.

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    __ __ __ __ __
    /\ \/\\ /\ \ /\ \ /\\
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    \ \ _ \ /’__`\ /\ \/’\`\/ >

  59. anonymuzz says:

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    Random crashes and fire aren’t the only problems with the new XBox
    360! We have already discovered how to execute unsigned code by
    playing a carefully crafted corrupt MPEG2 file! This allowed us to
    craft a swap disc. We are releasing the bootloader right away because
    we only have one 360 to use for testing, and we need feedback. We
    will begin releasing game images shortly. Please run the disc, and
    send an email describing your results to

    How to use:
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    Props to Kalisto and Paradox!

    Slops to MS’s crappy coders in Bangalore!

  60. not importand says:

    Its FAKE.

    [link editted for inappropriate content]

  61. Not Public says:

    editted for readability: content is a repost from this source[]

  62. Anonymous says:

    Look at all these “all talk no hack” people sucking up. Leave bunnie alone and if you knew half of whats going on with the x360 I bet most of you would leave him alone too cause you wouldnt need to suck on someones behind anymore. All the hype before its released in public that its been opened up is so sad to read. So all you suckups just chill and you’ll probably be notified when its your time!

  63. Mad_Gouki says:

    hey bunnie start a donation thing, you have a lot of supporters, id donate to the cause of you getting a 360, just start a paypal thing and ask people to drop 5 or 10 dollars, im sure you could get enough people to donate that you could buy 2xbox 360’s within a week

  64. Fr3tr says:

    mad_goukie im sure bunnie doesnt want our donations, bunnie please correct me if im wrong but i believe you said you can afford a console its just finding one and the personal problems going on in your life that means you aernt getting one yet .

  65. Fr3tr says:

    I new it was here i remeber reading it just to remind you.

    bunnie Says:

    November 28th, 2005 at 5:23 am
    Thanks guys, but I’ll buy one when it actually becomes available on store shelves around here (which looks like around March timeframe–hopefully the PS3 will be out then, too, applying some price pressure to these overpriced morsels of technology).

    However, if anyone has a *broken* Xbox360 that for some reason isn’t under warranty terms (beer spill, lost a game of tug-of-war with Fido), I’ll buy the console part for the Best Buy list price of a new Core system (whatever it is at the time).

  66. Bud Labitan says:

    Here is one XBOX-360 idea I came up with. Since there are huge amounts of genetic sequences yet to be classified, Imagine if we could broker and encourage a deal between Lilly, Microsoft, and GM to develop a simple plan to convert 30,000 “GM line workers” into gene-segment analysts or “knowledge workers.” Also, imagine that these workers are all connected on a networked X-Box 360 running a simple research software application (developed by Lilly, Microsoft, and GM) from their homes, within 6 months. Microsoft knows competition. In time, the X-Box360 will sneak into American living rooms and control more automated functions. So, why not try to turn it into a modern workstation?

    Do you think this is feasible? What addon items like wireless mouse, keyboard, and other controllers would you imagine to design?

  67. Woore says:

    To all u guys its amazing all the stuff u can learn off other people. ever since i can remember i always wanted to learn how to be able to hack or program something but i was always to lazy and stupid to realize that parties and friends and drinking and Gangbanging and hoes are a waste of time most of the times. im 22 and i being shoot 3 times and even though im still young. i wana lear how to do all this. yes i know you can’t just wake up one day and say well today im going be a Hacker\Programer but if any of you guys point me in the right direction i would like to help out in any way possible. thanks u guys Guys like you made me turn the lifestyle i had.

  68. SAM says:

    seems as some guy’s realy don’t know why people hack

    2 bunnie:
    you are the masterchief!
    amazing work!

  69. RISc says:

    Bunnie certainly inspired me. His xbox book introduced me to reverse engineering. My hardware skills and tool box is not quite as good but it was an eye opener.

    @Sanchinos – Do you think it’s bad idea that some people hack. Bunnie likes his hardware while I prefer buffer overflows. If hackers do not publish their work would you feel more secure banking online or playing Halo? maybe you would but the truth would be ‘A’ person could cheat or take your savings. With the flaws being made public it allows those who are involved to fix bugs or/and improve systems so that this activity cant happen.

    You may have I hope heard of colour laser printers printing a code so that the print can be traced back yo you. EFF published this and is that a bad thing?

  70. SAM says:

    @ Sanchinos
    Hacking is a cool thing its just about the question…
    …who ist better you or the protection?
    …how does the protection work?
    …where is the protection-code doing checks should be cracked?

    I have also published some security-holes
    (not to public just do developer’s) but NEVER used them.
    So what we do ist as RISc says improving security!

    Sadly some developers aren’t interested in improving security like
    M$ they improve there Server OS where it is pretty easy to get ring 0!

  71. SAM says:


    Sadly some developers aren’t interested in improving security like
    M$ DITN’T they improve there Server OS where it is pretty easy to get ring 0!

  72. nana-eg-hack says:

    hi everyone, fist of all we must know how exactly the geinusty be defined
    is the geniusty to spend millions of years to decrypt the securty codes
    or the geniusty is to spend no time to bypass that??
    one of the m$’s big mistakes that they never ever estimate the geniusty of the hackers community.m$ have annaunced that they have spent two years constructing the xbox360 securiy system , and they built it into the cpu’s core with custom silicons from ground up. their security engeineer said that the new generation xbox360 console comes with a multi level securty system that the hackers community have never seen before.this is the reapeted,
    great m$’s mistake,why? beacuse the hacker’s community came with a new hacking levels that m$’s engeineers have never seen before!!

    one of that levels is bypassing the security systems unlogicaly!!!
    playing backups ,pirated movies,pirated music without touching
    any silicon chip within the console .just some bridges wiring!!

    one of the geniusty roles is to to renforce your hack before annauncing
    be patiant till m$ sell a reasonable amaount of the console so that millions will be hacked before m$ update their security system

    by the way, our unlogical hack is very simple which is done by only bredging 22 points on the mother board , that hack would be applicable
    on any xbox 360 machine since it bypassing all the security levels that m$
    have built it . it will cost only 0.5$ for the wiring!!! it is n’t a joke just
    copy my message and store it into your computer or store it in your mind

    of course that means that you can play pirated appl,homebrew games ,etc…. .but till now we did n’t devlope any appl beacuse our effort to renforce our hack so that m$ can n’t stop it

    again , the ibm triple core itself is a big hole;we will see .it’s
    well known cpu system for many advanced hackers such as linux-group, xecuter, etc…

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    49 other states suck only 1 rules CALIFORNIA BABY LoL

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