Gratification, Instant.

Tim O’Reilly has the best taste in picking a site for a Faire. I am setting up my booth at the Maker’s Faire, and I realized today that I was short three breadboards–not a good thing when your booth is all about breadboarding. But never fear! The Faire is a mere 5 minutes away from Jameco. Ah, Jameco–I got their catalogs when I was 8 years old and read them front to back with a voyeur’s enthusiasm for all the tantalizing electronic components and kits that I couldn’t afford on my allowance. Going to Jameco is kind of like a pilgrimage for me.

I phoned in an order at 4:30PM and arrived on Jameco’s doorstep at 4:40PM, picking up my missing breadboards. And then I did an impulse buy and filled out a will-call rush order for some battery snaps and some LSTTL parts. I was inspired at the last minute to play with some wearable electronics, as my booth is right next to the changing room for the fashion show. So if you want to learn how to build circuits and watch models walk by all day long in funky tech-inspired outfits, hang out at my booth–it’s in the Oak hall at the far left end of the fairgrounds as you walk toward the stage.

Like I said, Tim O’Reilly has good taste in picking a location for a Maker’s Faire.

Oh, and hurray for 1x EVDO. My new T60p laptop has that built in–I didn’t even realize it when I bought it, hb had to convince me to activate it. So now, even though my booth isn’t lit with Wi-Fi, I’m enjoying broadband connectivity. In fact, I’ve been all the way up and down to Monterey earlier this week, and I didn’t miss a beat. I don’t know how I lived without this.

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  1. Ryan Russell says:

    Nice! Yes, I used to work down in that area, when I was at SecurityFocus. I’ll swing by and say hi tomorrow, I’m going to check out the fair and go to Joe’s workshop.

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