My Virtual Chumby

So this is pretty neat, the software guys at Chumby have the Virtual Chumby up and working! This means I can show people what is playing on the chumby by my bed right now on a webpage. Or for that matter, if I cared about keeping that private, I can configure a custom public widget mix and display it. But I kind of like the idea, at least for now, of showing people what’s on my chumby.

Every fifteen seconds or so, the widget on the chumby screen will rotate to a new one. I have only a few widgets in my mix right now…Woot, Slashdot, Digg, Google news, flickr, I-5/805 merge traffic cam, and our “Alpha” prototype myspace widget, but there are many more widgets available. I think this is a neat way to share a chumby with someone who might not have one (which is unfortunately the default case until we offer them for sale next year).

My widget mix isn’t the most exciting but, I like it. I don’t have a flickr account, so I just point my flickr widget at the random “everybody” photos, nor do I have a myspace account, so I’m just using the default “chumby” test account. Ironically, I am one of the slowest adopters for new technologies…it took me forever to switch over to using WordPress for a blog from just emacs and straight HTML. I used to be a gadget freak, getting the latest and greatest of every gadget, but now I just have a small set of carefully chosen and well-worn gadgets that I tote around at all times. Maybe someday I should write a blog post about the contents of my laptop bag…it’d be a fun one to write, if people can tolerate me standing on a soapbox for a long while!

9 Responses to “My Virtual Chumby”

  1. JR says:

    Please write that post! Do you also carry a flashlight and a swiss army knife ? :)

  2. erich says:

    Is there a link for the virtual chumby?

  3. bunnie says:

    A link is forthcoming…for now, if you register for an account on, you can create widget mixes and preview them in the virtual chumby. Then, on the virtual chumby page, you can view source on the page and copy out the HTML for the “embed” block and paste it anywhere.

    I think in the next week they will create a text box with the sample HTML in it so you can copy and paste without having to view source.

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  5. Joe says:

    Ug… 5-805 merge.

    Cool toy!

  6. rafi says:

    I’ll add my vote to see the list. I can’t imagine the question being swiss or no swiss but rather which sort you carry and where.

    Personally I’ve moved to a cyber tool (inspired by a certain somebody). And have both a 1 aaa maglight and a small led on my keychain.

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