Site Down

The site was down for about 20 hours because the web hoster’s ( server crashed and they firewalled the IP address. If you sent any email to the domain, it may not have gone through.

2 Responses to “Site Down”

  1. Tim Doak says:

    Could you tell me how to disassemble my 30 gig zune .I cant get the cover off.

  2. Nola Keding says:

    Alot of bloggers are not too happy with the new iPad.There was too much hype about it and lots of people got turned off.Thing is, I for one see some of the cool potential uses of this gizmo. Third-party apps for making tunes, games, papers and magazines and FFS books, tons of cool stuff, but they failed to sell it very well (aside from the books). It feels sort of incomplete