Name that Ware August 2008!

The ware for August 2008 is below. Click on the image for a larger version.

I believe the corner die shot above has all the information you’ll need to guess what this does! I don’t expect anyone can guess the exact model number but big bonus points to anyone who can use some of the cues in the photo to guess the maker of the product.

15 Responses to “Name that Ware August 2008!”

  1. Ian says:

    Digital camera sensor? Surely it’s some sort of image sensor, with the patterning of red/green/blue in the top-left.

  2. J. Peterson says:

    Yeah, obviously a camera chip; the RGGB Bayer pattern filter is clearly visible at the top left. Any clues as to whether it’s CMOS or CCD?

  3. Nick says:

    I guess that light colored rectangular feature in the bottom half of the picture is to help optically verify the alignment of the different masks.

  4. Roby says:

    Sony CCD sensor?

  5. Setec Astronomy says:

    Hrm… a mesh nicely etched, did this specimen pass through Flylogic by chance… It might be a PIC16F636 (7+7=14-bit opcode RISC) or similar microcontroller where someone has practiced laser shooting on a gnd or vcc area.

  6. Michael says:

    An OLED display?

  7. Mastro says:

    …a carrot?

  8. Nick says:

    Well it’s hard to see anything clearly under the mask, but those kind of look like row / column access lines down there. I’m guessing CMOS.

  9. ODD_GOD says:

    I second OLED display

  10. GumbyDamnit says:

    A Sony XEL-1 OLED display? It looks like there is a manufacturing quality control test block (with the ‘R’ and ‘B’ marked in it). The only reason I’m guessing the Sony XEL-1 is because our your earlier tear-down — I can’t really tell the manufacturer from the picture.

  11. David Gabler says:

    It is a CCD sensor,
    Check out the RGB arrays.
    As other users have mentioned you can definatly see the IR filter over the sensor.

    I would say CCD over CMOS given the ‘hardware’ at the bottom. As well as there is not enough to get Rows and cols there. Good example of CMOS –

    Yes we are only seeing 1/4 the sensor but….

    I almost feel like this is from a logitek web cam or something similar. It does not feel like a ‘real’ sensor from say a Canon 1d.

  12. joe_bleau says:

    Way too small to be OLED. I’m trying to determine if it’s CCD or CMOS. Isn’t Sony still making CCDs, but Canon is big in CMOS?

    If CCD, I would have expected to see some sensing area covered up for use as a black reference. I also would have expected to see another set of lines or even a frame to shift the image data onto.

    I guess I’m going with CMOS imager, possibly Canon.

  13. Parker says:

    the jagged edges are what confuse me. i’m in agreement with the masses who believe it’s a sony ccd, but i cant tell just by the microcircuitry patterns on the boards. the “r” and “b” are backwards, so that may prove to be helpful in id’ing it. that’s all i got for now!

  14. pete says:

    Foveon sensor?

  15. joe_bleau says:

    Don’t think it’s a Foveon–they use stacked photodiodes with no Bayer filter.