Blog Compromised

Sorry about the ads that some of you are seeing on RSS feeds. It looks like over this weekend a script leveraged a vulnerability in WordPress to promote a draft post (hence the broken video), attach a bunch of ads to it, and publish it. I’ve demoted the post with all the ads but I’m still getting emails from readers that use RSS saying that they see ads appended to their feeds, so perhaps the hack has modified some of the core scripts for syndicating RSS feeds. I probably have to wipe and re-install wordpress to remove this problem, and probably manually edit the database as well, which will take some time…which seeing as I’m already late on posting last month’s Name that Ware you can tell I’m not having a lot of time these days. Thanks for your patience…

In the meantime, if someone can confirm that their RSS reader is still seeing ads in-line with content after this post is up, I’d appreciate it.

7 Responses to “Blog Compromised”

  1. Asm says:

    Looks fine in Google Reader, but the “Winners of Name that Ware December 2008 and January 2009” (postID = 288) still has spamlinks.

    Try editing it and saving, in case there’s just some crud in a cache somewhere.

  2. Karl says:

    No ads on this entry…

  3. seph says:

    No ads on this, though curl shows some on other things:

    curl ‘’ | less | grep xlig

  4. Chris says:

    I’m still seeing the previous post with ads in Google Reader, but this one looks clean.

  5. Jesse says:

    It seems fine to me, and I did see it earlier. Looked like a good post too!

  6. james says:

    Google reader seems very cache happy… what was it that they say… somthing about cache invaliidation being hard..

    That post about Chumby on multple platforms still appears with ads for me.

  7. Mike Wilson says:

    No ads in this post via Bloglines. Looks like you’re out of the weeds.