Shoutout to my buds in KC

Just a shoutout to my hacker buds in Kansas City — they have opened a hacker space and their open house is on March 2nd. Congrats! Read more about it at the Cowtown Computer Congress blog and their press release! It sounds like a cool space, it’s in a cave 85 feet below ground level. Speaking of shanzhai…

2 Responses to “Shoutout to my buds in KC”

  1. Roland Dobbins says:

    Would you please enable full-text syndication? Summary-only feeds are tres annoying.

    Thanks much!

  2. bunnie says:

    Full-text syndication is on for the blog — the post above literally ends with “speaking of shanzai…”, drawing analogy with a previous post where I explore the literal translation of shanzhai to be a cave-like fortress in the mountains, apropos to this US hacker space in a cave.

    Does that account for the confusion? If not, please let me know which reader you are using so I can try to reproduce the problem…