See you at OHS and Maker Faire!

I’ll be flying all the way from Singapore to New York to participate in the Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire next week. I’m giving a talk at the OHS titled “Why the Best Days of Open Hardware are Yet to Come”, and I’ll also be giving a talk at the Maker Faire on Sunday at 2:30PM officially introducing the NeTV (see also engadget/techcrunch/gizmodo). I’ll be posting more technical details on the NeTV here in the near future, so stay tuned.

I’ll also be participating in the OHS demo session, which will be the first time the public can try out an NeTV; and I’ll also have a small table at the Maker Faire where I’ll be recruiting developers and educating Makers on how to hack NeTV. The NeTV has a particularly high hack-value due to its integration of an FPGA; from the hacker’s perspective, it’s a cousin to the Rasberry Pi but with integrated wifi, HDMI pass-through and an FPGA. And a shiny plastic case for those who care about that!

Hope to see you there!

6 Responses to “See you at OHS and Maker Faire!”

  1. See you there! Maker Faire rules, and I cant wait to go to DefCon next year!

  2. Matt says:

    Been following you for a couple years now. You always have exceedingly interesting thoughts and fantastic product insight.
    I find the NeTV particularly interesting.

    The chumby wiki says the NeTV is “currently available as a development kit for use by developers, reviewers, and other people interested in evaluating the product.”

    Where/how is it available?

  3. Access to the decrypted HDMI data stream? I know some folks who are going to be worried about that!

  4. @John – It doesn’t decrypt the stream. Nate Lawson describes how it works pretty well at

  5. caustik says:

    oh bunnie, you so crraazyy.

    nice work on the NeTV stuff, must have been a lot of fun =)

  6. Peter K says:

    I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your project at maker faire nyc on Saturday. I really like the “share” function you pulled up on your android to immediately put the object up on the tv. I’m trying to get some similar interaction between my roommates computers and our ubuntu settop (with xbmc). Right now it’s just too damn difficult to share stuff from our computers.