Winner, Name that Ware May 2011

The Ware for May 2011 is an Intel SSDSA2CW300G3 300 GByte solid state drive.

Here’s the complete scans of the front and back of the PCB, since I have ’em:

I recently upgraded my trusty T61p laptop to a T520, and decided that I’d also drop in a pair of SSDs. The T520 is a great machine, btw. I have one 300 GB Intel SSD in the main slot, and a 128 GB Samsung SSD in the Ultrabay. My old T61p had a single 256 GB Samsung SSD, which replaced a Crucial SSD that failed within hours of installation.

After the false start with the Crucial SSD, I was wary of the reliability of these devices. Now, I’m pleased to say that after a year and a half of heavy use the Samsung still works well, although the write times have gotten quite bad. Hence, the dual-SSD setup: mostly static files go on the Intel SSD, and the Samsung SSD gets the big temp/scratch files, with the intention that it will be replaced every year without having to re-image the laptop.

This past month’s ware was an easy one to guess, but I can’t make all of ’em tough; there’s just too many smart readers out there. I’ll just go with the first responder as the winner, Ty_a. Congrats! email me for your prize.

2 Responses to “Winner, Name that Ware May 2011”

  1. Andrew Suffield says:

    Replacing them once a year sounds way too often. What are you doing to that thing?

  2. Rafi says:

    Just 2? You know you want to use that shiny new msata slot for a third.