Name that Ware May 2012

The Ware for May 2012 is shown below.

I scored one of these in the markets of Shenzhen a couple months ago, after watching technicians at a factory use them with great effect. I’m curious as to how many readers have seen or used one of these.

16 Responses to “Name that Ware May 2012”

  1. zyp says:

    Looks like a chip holder used for BGA reballing.

  2. Wil says:

    Yes, it’s a BGA reballing station. Have a look at this page:


  3. lovro says:

    It is a jig for holding BGA chips and stencils for chip re-balling

  4. Cybergibbons says:

    Agree with zyp. Clean the old balls off with hot air. The four clamps hold the device upside down, and a stencil like device is placed over the top. The balls a poured in. The little channel on the top left is to remove excess balls.

    I worked with a rework technician in a production facility who used these on high end devices. Very successful. This was in 2001 and they weren’t available from China.

  5. Superworms says:

    A frame to hold the BGA and the stencil together while doing a reball.

  6. f4grx says:

    That’s not fun… People reading this blog are too smart!

    Congrats guys, and thanks for bunnie for making us discover such interesting wares

  7. feroze says:

    Can anyone explain to me what exactly is “BGA Reballing” ?

    • Sanjay says:

      BGA is the Ball Gilders Association.

      As the name implies, it is a trade association of Ball Gilders. If you have never heard of them before, it is because they cater to a very exclusive clientele comprising some of the most discerning billionaires on this planet (millionaires need not apply).

      Gilded Balls are the ultimate bling for a young man in his prime, and guaranteed to make an impact on the exclusive young ladies in your life.

      However, the downside is that sometimes a gentleman will awaken after a night of revelry, and find his balls have been stolen.

      This is where the reballer comes in. We have an exclusive range of prosthetic balls made of Gutta Percha, which we will install (at no additional cost) for any of our esteemed clients who have been unfortunate enough to have their ball stolen by one of the despicable 99% we happen to (unfortunately) have to share this planet with.

  8. Toontone says:

    BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) are a type of chip package that are attached to the circuit board using solder balls. There are pads on the board which match the pads on the chip package (usually a micro PCB). I believe in production, the BGA package comes with balls already attached, the package is then placed on the motherboard and the solder reflowed to make the connections. Reballing is required when the package is removed from the motherboard. Both the motherboard and the package need to have the solder and flux removed before reballing can commence. The package is then covered in a thin layer of flux and placed in one of the devices we are discussing with a stencil placed over it. Solder balls are then poured through the stencil with the excess brushed or shaken away. The package is then taken away from the stencil where one should be left with a solder ball sitting on each pad. The package is then simply heated to reflow the solder and there you have a freshly reballed package!

  9. investigador says:

    Tool for bga reballing.

  10. Jeff says:

    Bah, you don’t need all those fancy solder balls and stencils. Just pull out the old 35W iron, top off the pads then throw it in your toaster oven.

    I do quality work if you couldn’t tell. :)

  11. leosedf says:

    This base is mainly used with ready made solder balls, it’s not suitable for solder paste.