Name that Ware April 2013

The Ware for April 2013 is below. Click on the image for a larger version.

I found this board while wandering a dimly-lit, obscure corner of the Hua Qiang electronics district on a quiet Sunday. My apologies for the less than optimal photo quality, I only had my cell phone camera on me and I was trying to snap shots while being subtle about it.

I have no idea what this board does, but the mil-spec ratings on the parts immediately caught my eye; I’ve previously come across boards that were clearly from missiles and guidance systems in the markets, but I was unable to get a photo of them, as the vendor wouldn’t allow it.

Some alternate angles of the board are available here and here. Curious to see if anyone can positively identify the ware!

22 Responses to “Name that Ware April 2013”

  1. sk says:

    Martin Marietta, PWA,COMMAND CARD SOL N0010495RFL12

    whatever that is…

  2. Joe Bleau says:

    Did you buy it? I see some EPROMs on there, so I bet it’d be interesting to dump and run through strings. No windowshades, so they may have bitrotted away by now.

  3. florinc says:

    It is puzzling that a relatively new (after 1992) computer board used by military found its way to China. I am wondering what they (Navy?) replaced this board with.

  4. Paul Campbell says:

    what an amazing collection of chips IDT Xilinx Cypress WSI all fast stuff from that era

    Still most interesting thing I found was the history of the Bendix corp and in particular its demise – tried to buy Martin Marrietta and was destroyed by the “Pacman Defense”

  5. luftek says:


  6. luftek says:

    – BENDIX 3×32 inducates on STE/ECB/VME bus
    – 5962 is number on almost all chips (mil spec 5962)
    – DIP package

    Bunnie, are there connectors on front side of this board (lower off the picture)?

    • bunnie says:

      Couldn’t see, it was below a decorative label on the glass. The shop was closed, which was why I was able to sneak in photos of it…but likewise, I couldn’t access the device myself to have a closer look at it.

  7. kijiki says:

    EP-3E parts?

  8. wam says:

    The fact that there seem to be 3 times the same chips on the right, the military grade, the bendix connectors make me think of a processing card for an navigation inertial system (IMU). The kind of board that would go inside this thing :

  9. Jeans says:

    hey Bunnie,

    I am in Hua Qiang as well. I wish to meet the Genius like you. I am doing xbox stuff, and lot of amazing electronic in Hua Qiang .
    do we have chance to meet?

  10. Jerry says:

    ICT(In Circuit Test) board?

  11. Justin says:

    Hi, I was an electronics technician with the US Navy. I did component-level repair on a lot of equipment from across the ship and I have to say that looks quite a bit like the cards in some radar and fire control systems. I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you which one, though.

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  13. vera says:

    i do not know exactly, but this is some FPGA daughtercard with 2x4K RAM and 2x 1M ROM build in the late 80ies or the early 90ies. it’s of millitary purpose.

  14. Jon says:

    It looks like a VME module, and has a similar part number to this one and similar grade components (especially the xlinix xc3090 FPGA and the two connectors on top) to this one however there is limited information on each device and the one with a similar part number configuration has no other information (e.g manufacturer)


    • Jon says:

      Also a little information about the VMEbus ;)
      All VME modules are equipped with two 3-row DIN-96pin (VME64x: 5-row DIN-160 pin) type connectors P1/P2 which match the backplane connectors J1/J2, which are the bendix connectors you can see at the top of the picture, it is applied in military, industrial, aerospace, communication and control applications, hence the military grade components and secretive part number. Here’s a n ice datasheet on the VMEbus specification: and from looking at the block diagram it seems that the ATmel TS68020MR1B/C20 at the bottom is acting as the data processing device (CPU in effect), the xilinx xc3090 FPGAs are the functional modules used by the CPU to complete the task, the 2x4Kb RAM and 2x1Mb ROM are used by memory board as data storage, and the cypress logic 5962-8867004la logic is being used for the data input and output controller.

  15. game says:

    EP-3E or better?

  16. Martin says:

    Googling on the number 54497 written on the board and the word Bendix makes me believe that this is a brake caliper for VW or Skoda.

    Where do I pick up my prize?

  17. Peter Dilworth says:

    Hi Bunny, It’s Pete (dino robot guy from the old AI lab) I seem to have lost your contact, I have a few questions I would like to ask you, would you mind if you have a chance, shooting me a quick email so I can converse?


  18. Daniel says:

    My google-fu is failing me, but didn’t this very same photo appear last year some time with a similar posting title on some other website? Asking what it is? I’m going to try harder to find it in the various search engines …

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