Name that Ware May 2013

The Ware for May 2013 is a special guest ware hosted by my friends at Evil Mad Scientist, purveyors of fine electronic curios, such as the Eggbot, the clever bulbdial clock, and a wall-sized version of Conway’s Game of Life.

When I was visiting their shop in Sunnyvale sometime last year, Windell showed me this curious ware. It was one of the most fabulously constructed circuit boards I had ever seen, and I asked if he wouldn’t mind sharing it as a guest ware for my blog. Please check out his site for more photos! I’ll be checking comments posted both at Evil Mad Scientist and here for winners.

7 Responses to “Name that Ware May 2013”

  1. Karl Buchka says:

    That is an absolutely beautiful piece of engineering.

    The pseudo footprint looking features are confounding, especially considering they’re mostly covered in resist.

    My guess is that this is a development/breakout board for some multi-die IC. It looks as if dies can be flipped and bonded straight to the flex.

  2. Minor typo: it’s “Conway”, not “Conrad”.

  3. Jonathan says:

    “Pig” wafer for semiconductor equipment testing/process monitoring? Send it through, it measures things, data read out at probe station?

  4. Found, this is a VAX9000 HDSC
    Reminds me and older ware!

  5. Weiming says:

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