Winner, Name that Ware September 2014

The Ware from September 2014 was a Totalphase Beagle USB 480. Gratz to Nick Ames for having the first correct guess, email me for your prize! Unfortunately, none of the claims on the FPGA identification were convincing enough for me to accept them without having to do a lot of legwork of my own to verify.

One Response to “Winner, Name that Ware September 2014”

  1. marcan says:

    FWIW, the FPGA in the Beagle 480 is an Actel ProASIC something. I forget where, but there’s a photo somewhere of one where they’d done a poor job of reprocessing the chip surface, and you could actually still make out the original markings under the new ones. Unfortunately, I can’t find it now :(