“The Amp Hour” Podcast

I was a guest on this week’s The Amp Hour radio show. It was good fun having a chat with show hosts Dave Jones and Chris Gammell — talked about everything from PCB design at 35,000 feet to life in Asia to NeTV and the legal challenges of system design.

7 Responses to ““The Amp Hour” Podcast”

  1. Robotblog says:

    Cool, I’d no idea the amp hour existed, downloading now. Thanks!

  2. [lum] says:

    What is this liquid work audio you mention? I’m intrigued!

    • bunnie says:

      It varies depending on my mood but I have a set of tracks that I can plug into and just zone out. Hybrid, deadmau5, skrillex, and dj zealot currently top my playlist at the moment…but I’ve been through D&B, trance, even happy hardcore phases…

      • [lum] says:

        Ahh, thought it was something specific and my googlefu failed me.

        Thanks for sharing!

  3. Paul Campbell says:

    Bunnie – I find I can’t do pcb design at 35,000 ft – probably because I don’t get to spring for business class – and my laptop is big and fast and power hungry – I do a lot in airport lounges though.

    Slightly related question, I have a 9 hour layover in Singapore tomorrow – any interesting tech stores/markets I should go visit?

    • bunnie says:

      Doing layout helps even more in economy, I find…I just get in the zone and forget about how small the seat is. Then again, I have enough status on airlines to usually get an exit row seat, so my screen isn’t being mashed by the guy in front of me flopping on the seat hoping to get another degree of recline. And, my laptop has a decently long battery life; regardless, when I go trans-oceanic I always make sure I fly a carrier with a power outlet in the seat (!).

      Hm…the main tech component store in Singapore is Sim Lim Tower. It’s alright, there’s nothing like it in the US so if you haven’t been to a component market it’s neat. However, like I mentioned in the interview the available inventory is pretty much stuck in the 80’s.

      Simlim Square (the retail products area — the Tower and Square are across a bridge from each other, most people will point tourists toward the Square) can be fun to look in, but if you’re coming from the states generally the prices will be better buying in the US.

      There’s also “Funan digital life mall” near City Hall, it’s got a panoply of small and large tech stores there. Some of them are a bit like Best Buy, some are more like Game Stop, some are just mom and pop shops.

      There’s a lot to do in Singapore, but geek tourism isn’t really strong here. I go to Shenzhen for that. They do seem to have a hopping RC car and plane scene out here, if you’re into that.

      • Paul Campbell says:

        thanks, didn’t get a chance to check back – must have missed your reply by 10 minutes before we headed for the Bangalore airport – (free wifi in the lounge there but you have to have a local phone number as they text you a password ) – we found Sim Lim square and Funan, but not Sim Lim tower (stuck in the ’80s? – so it’s like Fry’s then :-) – our southern kiwi constitutions don’t take to muggy very well and we’d had after 2 hours sleep on the plane the night before, after getting soaked around 2 we retired to the airport – next time we’ll have somewhere else to go poke around.

        I quite understand about layout, it’s a somewhat mindless but engrossing task that somehow presses my protestant-work-ethic buttons (in a good way), I can sit in a cafe and poke away at it for ever – the hard part is figuring out when to stop – I tend to fly out of NZ a lot, planes with power plugs are few and far between