Winner, Name that Ware November 2012

The Ware for November 2012 is an original IBM PCjr. A blast from the past! I had one of these kicking around at home when I was a kid. iirc, it was a discard from a local institution that was picked up out of the rubbish heap. It was, in all honesty, a bit of rubbish by the time I got my hands on it; we were just passing the PC-AT generation by that point and the PCjr had a really limited set of software. But I thought the hardware on the inside was pretty clean, so I kept the motherboard and the power supply around. The power supply itself I ended up using for a few years as a benchtop supply for other projects, but it is now long gone.

Congrats to Jonathan for guessing it correctly! email me to claim your prize.

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