Chumby on Multiple Platforms

For the readers of this blog that follow chumby news, here’s a tidbit for you. Below is a YouTube video of chumby running on multiple platforms. A lot of people have the impression that chumby is all about the leather-bag device that I write about on this blog.

In actuality, since the company’s founding chumby has focused on the content and the services that a chumby device could provide; this is part of the reason why, for example, chumby still has only one hardware engineer (me). Growing the hardware product line internally is not core to chumby’s business. Rather, the long-term goal of chumby is to be a multi-platform technology that you can embed in any product; chumby’s hardware efforts simply provide a reference design to get the ecosystem bootstrapped.

At CES chumby demonstrated a picture frame reference design, but chumby actually has the ability to run on much more than just that. Below is a video demonstrating chumby running on several target platforms. None of the these except for the leather bag chumby are officially supported or available for retail as shown, but as you can see it’s relatively easy to hack the chumby client software onto many existing devices, and chumby does have some new home-grown hardware reference designs in different form factors available to hardware manufacturers that desire a full-custom solution.

(The video above is narrated by chumby’s VP of Bizdev, Steve Adler. It shouldn’t be private, as the draft post had it marked…the guys at the chumby office had to reshoot it a few times, so the post was held for a while.)

6 Responses to “Chumby on Multiple Platforms”

  1. Leonard Lin says:

    hey bunny, couldn’t find a contact addy, but looks like your wp blog might have a security hole or something? this post is full of hidden spam links…

  2. djm says:

    … the spam links aren’t so hidden the the post is viewed in Google Reader.

  3. foo says:

    Why is this a private video?

  4. anonymouse says:

    This is neat. I can see the usefulness of a picture-frame chumby: hang it up on the wall, and it’s a quick way to check weather or train schedules before you head out. My friend hacked together something similar out of an old laptop and a salvaged touchscreen, but it would be handy to just be able to buy something like that, and I think it would make an excellent form factor to put the chumby software in.

  5. Ralph says:

    Can you give a little more information about this video. I won’t install Flash, for security and licensing reasons. I can generally play the videos with Gnash, but I need to be able to find it. Searching Youtube for Chumby did not come up with anything that looked like this.
    Good day,

  6. thepete says:

    I’m interested in finding a way to install Chumby’s OS onto old laptops. The OS is open source, after all. Anyone know of a USB stick method? :)