Winner, Name that Ware January 2015

Judging this one was tough. There were a lot of perfectly good guesses (and some pretty hilarious ones :), but because the advertised purpose of this ware is so weird, sound engineering reasoning need not apply.

What I’m told is that you install this on an electric bike to prevent the motor from burning out. I….don’t really think that’s effective, nor do I really believe it. At the very least, stacking capacitors like this while connecting them with thin copper traces to a terminal block and then wiring them with a long pair of wires to a battery seems to nullify any benefit of equalizing the ESR of capacitors by using a banked array of different values.

Although I think Jeff’s explanation (use as a power filtering cap in car audio) is a much more likely reason…I liked ingo’s thought process in reviewing the ware — knowledgeable, yet skeptical. So I’ll declare ingo as the winner…congrats, email me for your prize!

One Response to “Winner, Name that Ware January 2015”

  1. f4eru says:


    The small wires /teminal blocks/ fuse/whatever is in series in fact acts as a limiting resistor to avoid immense spikes when connecting the thing to the battery. At the same time effectively limiting it’s effect.

    After cargo cult, there comes the “capa cult”