Winner, Name that Ware August 2016

After reading through the extensive comments on August’s ware, I’m not convinced anyone has conclusively identified the ware. I did crack a grin at atomicthumbs’ suggestion that this was a “mainboard from a Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup of Things sensor platform”, but I think I’ll give the prize (please email me to claim it) once again to Christian Vogel for his thoughtful analysis of the circuitry, and possibly correct guess that this might be an old school laser barcode scanner.

The ware is difficult to evaluate due to the lack of a key component — whatever it is that mounts into the pin sockets and interacts with the coil or transformer near the hole in the center of the circuit board. My feeling is the placement of that magnetic device is not accidental.

A little bit of poking around revealed this short Youtube video which purports to demonstrate an old-school laser barcode mechanism. Significantly, it has a coil of similar shape and orientation to that of this ware, as well as three trimpots, although that could be a coincidence. Either way, thanks everyone for the entertaining and thoughtful comments!

6 Responses to “Winner, Name that Ware August 2016”

  1. Christian Vogel says:

    Thanks, Bunnie. It was entertaining to participate, as always.

  2. Successful. congratulations :)

  3. Vibra says:

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