Winner, Name that Ware September 2016

The ware for September 2016 is a ColorVision Sypder-series monitor color calibrator.

Congrats to North-X for naming the ware, email me for your prize!

One Response to “Winner, Name that Ware September 2016”

  1. This ware is nothing of the sort… “ColorVision Sypder-series monitor color calibrator”

    Seriously??? Is that your best guess? What a bunch of amateurs on this pathetic blog. ;P

    Any hacker claiming to be of the elite and who is worth his salt knows that this is a S.Q.U.I.D. (Superconductive Quantum Interference Detector)

    The NSA refused to use these cheaper models in their more recent gear because of too many other “business partners” (Huawei-ner, Broadcom-artist, Foxxcon-demed, and other lame parasite chip makers have leaked knowledge of their evil backdoor NSA-keys RSA 4096 bit keys. Some even the keys themselves I have a couple of these keys, if you want em’ send a 1.00 $check to p.o. box 19433 San Antonionio-noo-bono drive in Houston TX, you figure out the zip code… Me I use 7-Zip and GNU Tarr and sometime Torr)

    Anyways, i’ll forgive you guys for bein’ ignorrantte this time, next time though, all your internal networks are belong to me!

    Peace ;P