Name that Ware, March 2017

The Ware for March 2017 is shown below.

I honestly have no idea what this one is from or what it’s for — found it in a junk pile in China. But I was amused by the comically huge QFP, so I snapped a shot of it.

Sorry this is a little late — been ridiculously busy prepping for the launch of a line of new products for Chibitronics, going beta (hopefully) next month.

9 Responses to “Name that Ware, March 2017”

  1. Andrew W says:

    That Hitachi SuperH is definitely comically large.

    ATV61 looks like a model number for a Schneider Electric VFD. Here’s a photo of a control board for an ATV71 that looks like a very similar board shape and connector arrangement so I’m going to go with that.

  2. David Given says:

    It’s the logic board from a Schneider ATV61 industrial variable speed drive, uh, thing. Brochure here:

    Maintenance manual (or rather, maintenance manuel) here:

    Sadly, I didn’t know, I just looked up the numbers on the chips. That big thing in the middle is a SuperH processor, BTW.

    • David Given says:

      Oh, forgot to say. If you search the manuel for ‘application board’ you can get some rather poor pictures of the board from the edge. The best one’s on page 133, where you can see the curved cutout. The side facing the camera is the east edge of the board with that weird multipin connector on it. To the right is the north edge with the dangling connector.

      The gigantic processor only has 32kB of RAM, but it’s got *one hundred and forty nine* GPIO pins, and is apparently worth $30. It shows up in searches a lot as an ECU device.

      I rather have a soft spot for the SH — lovely things to write machine code for, and now pretty much ground under the overwhelming might of ARM.

  3. Brad says:

    It looks like a control boards for a Schneider Electric ATV61 variable speed drive 3 phase AC motor controller.

    A slightly different revision is pictured here:

  4. Dusk says:

    Automotive ECU? The giant chip is a microcontroller (macrocontroller?) frequently used in that application.

  5. Thomas says:

    The board also seems to be coated, and the black connector looks like something automotive. But the white block connector on the left does not. But it looks misplaced anyway without side pieces.

  6. Romdump says:

    Just a Note that the main chip is a Hitachi HD64F7055 (the datasheet can be found with a google search). Yes the chip is used also also in ECU’s, however it is also used in industrial applications.

    • Romdump says:

      I don’t think this is a ECU. They more than likely not use a ribbon cable because of vibrations.

      I am going to guess that this is a Motion control board.