Name that Ware June 2017

The Ware for June 2017 is shown below.

If nobody can guess this one from just the pointy end of the stick, I’ll post a photo with more context…

15 Responses to “Name that Ware June 2017”

  1. plum33 says:

    It’s a ultrasonic delay line

  2. Zé Maria says:

    It’s a ultrasonic delay line, I remember tearing down some from PAL TVs where they’re used to delay the color information as full line time (64us) and correct phase errors.

  3. matt says:

    Could it be an EMI probe?

  4. Probably a sonic delay line, given the angles, but for the hell of it: scintillation counter.

  5. David Newbury says:

    Eevblog episode featuring one:

  6. Sourcerer says:

    But those ulrasonic delay lines … they have 4 pins, and this thing seems to have only 3 pins?

  7. Funny I just found one of these a couple of weeks ago and had no idea what it was. But someone called it straightaway

  8. Sanjay says:

    Bunnie showing his age here. This image is instantly recognizable to those of us oldies who grew up around analog television sets (and VCRs). Too easy!

  9. support says:

    It might be sonic delay line……….

  10. Tilman Baumann says:

    You guys are probably right.
    My first impulse was Piezoelectric Galvanometer or Loadcell.
    But the angles… Probably delay line.

  11. tj sleboda says:

    Looks like a photo detector. Ive seen one like this for a remote flash sensor for camera. It picks up the light from the main camera and triggers a remote shoe for auxiliary flash.

  12. John says:

    I think that yellow node is part of a tv or something.

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