Solution, Name that Ware October 2017

It’s unusual to find a ware without a clear winner, and reading through the comment thread I found a lot of near-misses but none of them close enough for me to declare a winner.

The Ware for October 2017 is a Minibar Systems automated hotel minibar (looks like a “SmartCube 40i”, “The Minibar of the Future”). During an overnight layover, I decided to check the minibar for snack options, but upon pulling what I thought was the handle for the fridge, lo and behold a tray of electronics presented itself. My friend, extremely amused by my enthusiastic reaction, snapped this picture of me adding the ware to my catalog:

6 Responses to “Solution, Name that Ware October 2017”

  1. Sympa says:

    What a lot of electronics for this rather standard item. Bleh!

  2. Ondy says:

    Our team wants to build the next generation Personal electric vehicle OS/platform. Want to explore the ideas with you. drop me an email. appreciated.


  3. stella says:

    Interesting stuff. Thanks

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