Name that Ware, April 2018

The Ware for April 2018 is shown below:

It’s a simple ware, but you could say I’m rather personally attached to it. Prize to the funniest/most creative story about this ware :)

11 Responses to “Name that Ware, April 2018”

  1. W says:

    Elbow integrated NFC ski pass (I’m not an anatomist).

  2. Melstav says:

    I do hope that once you’ve chosen the winning story, you’ll share with us how you actually broke your kneecap.

    • Harrow says:

      I’m sure the civil understanding with Microsoft includes a NDA that prohibits revealing the true story.

  3. Pettancow says:

    Take it from me, it may look simple, but there are so many other ways it can go wrong. Mine came from the manufacturer loose as all hell, and they still won’t RMA it!

  4. Matt says:

    The ware is a stainless steel wire, surgically implanted for bone stabilization after fracture. There aren’t any pins with it, so this wasn’t a complex break. I’m not good enough reading x-rays to see the actual fracture, they’re often quite subtle. I had a tibial plateau fracture that was only visible on MRI.

    As for how it got there… obviously, the first test boards for Novena II came in, and you were running to your bench to start testing, and tripped coming up the concrete stairs. Boom, ouch, sirens, tears, opiates, crutches, a brace of some description, surgery, recovery.

    (One last aside: don’t neglect your physical therapy, it can mean the difference between a recovery in weeks and a recovery in months/years).

  5. Carl Smith says:

    It’s obviously a wire loop for an inductive kneecap heating system.

  6. perlfriend says:

    bunnie furiously tapped the refresh button on Twitter.

    “Aggh, @realsexycyborg has 5 times as many followers as me!”

    In frustration, he tossed up his phone. His phone, tired from suffering the abuse of aggressive gaming fingers and the shame of being closed-source, slammed on bunnie’s knee with a Liam-Neeson vengeance.

    “Oww,” bunnie howled in pain.


    Days later, post-surgery…

    As bunnie stared at his metal implant, he realized he was truly a cyborg now. Invincible and fearless, he could compete with the best of them. He reached for his soldering iron…

  7. LW says:

    As far as personally-attached-to goes, nothing breaks having your wedding ring embedded in your bone.

  8. J. Peterson says:

    Are the photos from the same outfit that does your PCB X-Rays?