Name that Ware, March 2019

The Ware for March 2019 is shown below.

Thanks to Akiba for donating this ware from his bin o’ busted gadgets!

10 Responses to “Name that Ware, March 2019”

  1. Jon says:

    Hearing aid? Time has been put into making this slim AND oddly shaped…including a fairly strong/quality speaker

  2. rasz_pl says:

    part of a digital camera?

  3. Roger Gammans says:

    Look very power circuit like to me..

    The top of the drawing includes a part marked 8G134; and the connections are consistent with the datasheet for a GT8^134 IGBT I found online.

    One of the application list on the data sheet is flash strobe; which in conjunction with the thick lead leading away from that part of the circuit leads me to think this is the flash power pulse generator for a digital camera. And that would also explain the big inductor and capacitors.

    I’m not sure about the speaker though; but ofter these consumer camera had somewhat unrelated traces on the board due to form factor; so in might be there purely because the speaker was near this circuit it in the final assembly. Im going to take a wild guess as a cannon camera as some of the flat flex shape I saw on google seem are more similar for canon than other makes. But hey; they might just be my search corpus

    • jackw01 says:

      Looks very Canon to me too, having been inside several Canon cameras. They have used that exact battery holder a lot in lower-end models since the early 2000s. With these, the backup battery is buried deep inside the camera and not expected to be replaced within the camera’s lifetime, but with more expensive models it is usually user-replaceable.

  4. Piotr says:

    It has to be a part of a digital camera – speaker, RTC battery and flash circuit on flex PCB. Probably some bigger Canon?

  5. seph says:

    I wonder if that’s an inductive coupler, not a speaker.

  6. kodabar says:

    I’m going to guess it’s the circuit board from a disposable camera – simply to differentiate myself from the Canon explanation. It seems too good a board for a disposable and I’m not sure why there would be a need for a speaker, but that’s how I’m going to roll. Interesting board and a lot of fun to try and figure out.

  7. GNUtoo says:

    It looks old. Maybe a film camera that contained electronics?

    I disassembled one some time ago but I don’t remember the brand and model. It had a ton of flex PCBs.