Name that Ware, August 2019

The Ware for August 2019 is shown below.

This was a victim of an *ahem* “minor water spill” in my lab (oops) so I tore it apart to check for damage. Fortunately, it was distilled water so it survived without any ill effects.

17 Responses to “Name that Ware, August 2019”

  1. D Straney says:

    Well, it’s some kind of consumer electronics, between the plastic case and the what looks like a single-sided power supply board at the bottom right. Along with the style of the many cables, something potentially optical going on with the mechanical bits at the top edge, etc. it had the strong “feel” of a Japanese projector, but there’s both a (brushed) motor driver (the Toshiba TB6569 in the power package) and a stepper motor driver (the AN44063) so definitely not a normal project as it wouldn’t need that many motors.

    My guess would have to be either a barcode scanner or maybe a laser projector. Those both seem a bit off, but that’s as good as I can do for now.

    • Stuart says:

      The AN44063 is a single stepper driver, but there are two identical 7-pin connectors. And what’s going on with the 4-pin connector bottom-left with the larger ferrites?

      Maybe this board is double-sided?

      Processor appears to be in the V850ES/SG2 series, which is (was!) promoted for “Auto Audio”.

      And what’s going on with the monster Gnd wire complete with strain relief??

      This is a good one!

      • Stuart says:

        A little more from the V850ES/SJ2, V850ES/SJ2-H hardware manual (it’s SJ2 not SG2 series)

        uPD703260Y is 256KB mask ROM, 24KB RAM, 20MHz, on-chip I2C (the non-Y version doesn’t have it), no IEBus or CAN. I learned that IEBus is a car audio standard, so between that and no CAN we’re probably outside a vehicle?

        There are Flash versions of the same part, so it’s volume-enough for a mask to be cut.


  2. Bryce says:

    I see a the underside mounting of a USB type-A connector at the top, a motor driver, and then the ribbon, plastic casing, and daughter board all scream “tape” drive and heads. So… my guess is a tape drive (probably DAT given the type-A connector) with a USB interface.
    Spent some time on Google and eBay to see what products are on the market but nothing looked exactly right. The closest in resemblance were IBM/HP drives.

  3. Adrian says:

    Smells like an optical drive.

  4. Per says:

    Laser printer?

  5. Dave says:

    Looks like handheld label printer. Might be a Brother P Touch, or since your so close to CN a knock off!

  6. Patrick says:

    After some online searching, the Panasonic stepper controller along with the FG1 mark have me leaning toward a Panasonic camcorder. If I had to guess the model, maybe the AG-AF100.

  7. jackw01 says:

    Looks like it’s not a portable device, based on what appears to be a power supply at the bottom, and looks too complex to be a label printer or flatbed scanner (too many motors and other connectors on the board). I’m guessing an inkjet printer, probably from the mid 2000s based on USB type B and the stepper motor – most inkjets from the last 10 years or so use brushed motors and encoders for all axes of movement.

    This board looks a lot like a Canon-made board from a Canon or HP printer to me except I don’t see a part number. I’ve only ever seen those square fiducial marks on Canon stuff. It’s almost definitely not from an Epson piezoelectric inkjet as they will have two large power transistors (TO-220 or even bigger through-hole packages) for controlling the printhead.

  8. Adrian says:

    It’s a Brother P-touch QL-570 label printer. I didn’t find any photos, but the PCB outline in the Parts Reference List document looks like a very close match.