Name that Ware, January 2020

Welcome to a new year of name that ware! The first ware for 2020 is shown below.

There’s some aggressive image cropping going on to make it a little harder to guess, but there’s still plenty of hints laying around…

4 Responses to “Name that Ware, January 2020”

  1. Jose Araujo says:

    It is a driver for a BLDC motor.
    It has 3 half bridges for each phase (2 larger mosfets + driver next to each solder blob), and the micro controller in the middle.

    Still trying to find the specific version, but for this level of integration I would guess its the motor from a gimbal of a camera stabilizer, either hand-held or from a quadcopter.

  2. swj says:

    I can’t name the exact part, but it looks like a brushless motor with built in driver, maybe for a drone? Center stmf301 for high speed timer and 2 fets per coil

    • Stephan says:

      Great finding. I’ve been thinking by looking at the image, why a motor needs these kind of precision computing and memory, I was hoping maybe it’s a smart door knob. :)