Winner, Name that Ware March 2020

The ware for April 2020 is the controller board from a Full Spectrum Laser “5th generation hobby laser”. I knew someone would eventually nail it, despite the paucity of details — the XMOS is pretty unique. Congrats to miguel lopez for nailing it, email me for your prize.

I recently had to say goodbye to my FSL laser as the laser power was getting inconsistent — during a cut, it would drop out intermittently, and it would get worse and worse. Probably either the tube leaking CO2 or the power supply gone bad, but I figured it wasn’t worth fixing as laser cutters have come a long way since I purchased this one.

I’ve actually been eyeing the LionsForge Craftlaser as the replacement. The rugged portability of the unit is appealing — the two cutters I’ve owned had degraded performance because both were damaged in separate moving accidents — and it is high-density living friendly with an integrated fume extractor and HEPA filter. That being said, times are tight, so until I have an immediate need I think I’ll be getting by with a combo of 3D printing and outsourced CNC to shops in Shenzhen.

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  1. Ahron Wayne says:

    I’ve got a FS 12×20 laser in a school lab quietly in a state of total and utter disassembly after an attempted bulb and power supply replacement. Very sad — the first time we tried to put a new bulb in we got 90% there until we had a dreaded little “pop” and then “hisssssssss”…

    You’re lucky you live in a place you can just commission that stuff off a street corner!

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